He held her hand and she held his. She knew that this moment would change her life. She just didn't know how. She looked into his eyes, the soft eyes she trusted. She listened to his voice as he whispered in her ears about the love he would give her forever. The warmth of his hands warmed her on the chilly night and she couldn't help but think about how blessed she was. This very moment was something she never knew would happen, and it did. The long nights of wondering how he felt now melted away with the simple movement of his hand. His hand, the very same hand against her face. His eyes, the very same eyes burned through her core. His voice, the very same voice, breaking her into pieces. She escaped back to that night. His hand, his eyes, his voice. They were the same, yet not. Blood. Her blood. No longer coursing through her veins at the excitement of love, but dripping onto the ground. His hand, the very same hand will no longer touch her. His eyes, the very same eyes will no longer see her. His voice, the very same voice will not longer pierce her heart. Her hand, now writes her story. Her eyes now see those who are the same as she. Her voice will speak louder because she survived; because she knows that silence speaks volumes.

Published by Izzy Lo