At the beginning of the month I started reading the book "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.  My uncle was reading it and told me that it was a great book.  I decided that I would download the sample and give it a shot.  After I read the sample I knew it was something that I would enjoy, so I ordered the paperback from Amazon.  Normally I would just download the iBook and read it from my phone, but I was going to be reading it on the beach and wanted a hard copy of it.  

The book starts off with a girl named Jeannette and she is on the way to a party.  On her way she sees her mother picking through trash on the side of the streets.  She is embarrassed and it reminds her of her childhood.  After the first few pages the book is a flashback to her childhood.  The Walls family is always on the go, they are always moving because they are Gypsies.  They learn that you need the bare minimum to survive.  Jeannette's dad Rex is a drunk who can't hold a job and her mother Rose Mary works when it is needed.  Her mother prefers working on art.  Along with Jeannette there are three other children; Lori, Brian, and Maureen.  

As they are often on the move as the dad would call it the "skedaddle"  they were always going to new schools.  All of the kids have learned a lot from always being on the road and were the smartest in their classes.  The other kids did not like that so they often got bullied and beat up.  

After living with grandparents, in deserts, and in their van then eventually move to a city in West Virginia, Welch.  They live in a house with no indoor plumbing, heat, and most of the time no electricity because they can't pay the bills.  Rex is always saying that one day once he strikes gold he is going to build his family a beautiful glass castle to live in.  For the children it was hope and something for them to look forward to.  For the mom Rose Mary I think she saw it as another drunken promise he made and for Rex I think it was a mix between the two.  

In the house in Welch they made beds out of boxes and would often fight over who got to sleep with the dog in the winter.  Since they rarely had enough money to buy coal everyone wanted to sleep with the dog because of the heat he gave off.  Often times they would not have money for food.  They would go pick through the garbage.  Sometimes they would go days at a time without eating.  

Even though Rex would occasionally land a job or Rose Mary would sometimes have a teaching job they went through the money fast.  Usually it went to alcohol and unnecessary things like art supplies for Rose Mary.  

In the middle of the book Lori and Jeannette come up with a plan to save up their money to eventually move to New York City.  After months of saving and putting money into their piggybank Jeannette walks into the room where she finds it all smashed with no money in it.  When she goes into the living room Lori could tell by her face that something was wrong.  Rex had taken the money and spent it on alcohol.  The girls were so upset.  Lori was suppose to leave for NYC in less then 3 months.  They continue to save their money.  Lori takes a babysitting job over the summer.  Part of the deal was that the people would give her a bus ticket to NYC.  A year later Jeannette went to New York City as well.  She went to college and had a part time job.  

Eventually Brian and Maureen also came down to the city.  Shortly after all the children were in NYC Rex and Rose Mary moved to the city too.  They were homeless, living on the side of the streets.  After living in the city for many years Rex eventually dies from a heat attack.  Jeannette is not really the same after his death. 

The book ends with a family gathering for Thanksgiving at Jeannettes house.  The only one not there is Maureen because she is in California.  They all say a toast in memory of their dad/ husband that they miss very much. 

I really enjoyed this book.  I hope this summary was helpful and I did not give to much away.  Out of five stars I would give this book a four.  I would rate it a four because I wish it had a better ending.  Overall I though it was a great book.  Something I took away from this book is how lucky I have it.  I have never had to worry about moving or when my next meal may be.  This book really reminded me that some people really don't have it as good as I think.  It sort of set my head on straight. 

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Question of The Day: What is your favorite book?

My Answer: "The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window" by Kirsty Moseley 

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