If there is one piece of jewellery that holds extreme importance in the life of a married woman, it is her – gold mangalsutra. In the Hindu tradition, this is worn both for religious as well as physiological reasons. Primarily signifying long life and prosperity of the husband, this is a symbol of the marital bond and love of a couple.

With a wide range of designs coming up in the market, several styles are associated with these Maharashtrian black thread has undergone a sea-change. In this article you would find a host of designs that are currently trending in the market.

Time to check out the top gold mangalsutra designs:

Kohlapuri Maharashtrian mangalsutra

Coming from the hubs of Kolhapur, this is a combo of Maharashtrian and Kohlapuri designs, with heavy base of multiple gold and black beads. To enhance this look, there remains a purple stone within the floral pattern of this chain.

The Shell Charm mangalsutra

This oldest type of mangalsutra is a three-stranded chain with centre strand in gold and the side ones in black bead. In fact, the shells used in this chain works as charms for purity and prosperity of life.

Trio pendant mangalsutra

This is one of the traditional Maharashtrian styles, with four black beaded strings which also have golden beads. Specifically known as the PowalaPutalimangalsutra, here the three pendants have pictures of Goddesses on them to keep its traditional context.

Chain style mangalsutra

This style comes with a black-red combo! Attached to that is the red floral design and the beads are placed at a specific distance from each other. This is one of the few mangalsutra styles which you can customise as per your choice.

Fancy charm mangalsutra

Going by the demands of the current generation, this is one of the most opted pieces. Though the beads are in black, but they have dual separate designs, and they also form a golden caged format.

Peacock mangalsutra style

Peacock is one of the most prominent designs in terms of Maharashtrian jewellery. Tucked with emeralds and strung along with double black beaded threads there are two peacocks attached to it. This rather adds on to the charm of the whole jewel.

Gold bold Maharashtrian mangalsutra

Another combo of black and gold beads, this is the one coming from the royals! This has pink stones crusted all around it with beaded charms – perfect with a Maharashtrian border saree.

Sunflower mangalsutra

It is one of those floral styles which more than half of Marathi women love to don. The pendant has a sunflower attached to it, with a small black flower atop those strings. A piece of emerald attached gives that much-needed glow!

Curvy floral mangalsutra

For all those who wish to flaunt their tradition even with their western attires, a curvy floral mangalsutra is the best bet! Its pendant has a crown adding charm to this golden thread.

This is all in a nutshell. However, you can also consult a professional jeweller while you choose out any of these mangalsutra designs. Hope you get the best one!


Published by Rosie Joy