Things to do in this wonderful city that will spoil you with its options!


        Multi-cultural outlook, modern taste, diverse cuisines, wide array of outdoor activities, pleasant climate, unique landscape and lively ambiance- name it and you are sure to find it. An exciting city with an exciting surrounding, San Francisco in California is truly one of the best cities in the world. Known for its hilly landscape, Victorian style homes, houses over slopes and energetic air, San Francisco can make you fall in love with it, within no time. Located at the northern part of California, San Francisco is surrounded by the mighty Pacific Ocean and San Francisco bay. Imparting the features of pleasant climate, cool breeze, fog and fresh air, the waters have truly formed a deep connection with the city. World famous for the tourist attraction of Golden Gate Bridge, its typical orange-red shade represents the signature of this location.

       With amazing skyline along the downtown, San Francisco exhibits a perfect combination of traditional and modern architecture. Tall high-rise towers with glass exterior, interiors equipped with modern amenities and latest designs mark the modern look of architecture in the city. Besides these state-of-art features of today’s world, San Francisco has preserved its old look in a new light. Traditional style of colored roofs and array of houses inspired by Victorian culture depict the wonders of good, old times. With such perfect blend of old and new, the city has a wonderful look to its credit. Attracting tourists from far and wide, these aspects bring out the best highlights of the city.

  Though tourism forms an important domain of this city with continuous flow of outsiders, it has many offices and industries with loads of working staff.  Offering features of good neighborhood, safe residences and wide options for housing, the city has high density of local folks too. Though the standard of living of this city is extremely high with sky rocketing prices of housing, San Francisco refuses to leave its local patrons easily. Forming a deep bond with a city that seems to offer it all, relocation may seem as an impossible option for its dwellers. A hub for startup companies, IT based industries, modern technological ventures and latest developments, San Francisco reflects competitive spirit and talented work force.

      Though I and my husband reside few miles away from this happening city, we always end up spending our weekends within its ambiance. Be it a relaxing stroll in the parks around Golden Gate or walk along the pier, be it shopping and gorging on food over the Fisherman’s wharf or spending the evening inside a quiet restaurant, this city truly spoils us with its options. Chocolate paradise of Ghirardelli, crowded streets at the Lombard and amazing view of the city from the twin peaks are some of the best highlights. A city that has something for each one of its visitors, San Francisco invites crowd of all age groups. From gardens and parks for small kids to restaurants and food-joints for the foodies, from beach and bay for the evening lovers to tourist attraction for visitors, the city ensures happiness and joy for all.

     So while the city scores high points for its landscape, activities, fun and adventure, another aspect that demands attention is food! Essential factor for survival, San Francisco has loads of options for the gastronomical ride. From fast food options for a quick bite to exotic restaurants with a wide menu, from old, traditional and famous treats like Pizza, burgers and pretzels to cafes and clubs with interesting drinks – the city takes good care of your stomach and tongue.

With this, let us look at some of the top things to do while in this city of San Francisco!


  1. For the chocolate lovers
  • Visit the Ghirardelli square on the Fisherman’s wharf.
  • Famous for its chocolates, ice-creams, milkshakes, floats and sundaes, try these wonders for a satisfied heart.
  • Shop for wide range of assorted chocolates available in different styles of packaging.
  • Though chocolate is the central theme of this place, chocolate-haters can gorge on the fruit flavors and nutty delights.


    2. For the adventurous folks

  • Rent a bicycle and ride over the trails around Golden Gate Bridge or move along the Fisherman’s wharf.
  • Take a Segway tour around the downtown, along Fisherman’s wharf or over the crowded Lombard street for a once in a lifetime experience. Many bike, Segway and self-guided rental tour agencies offer these services within the city.
  • Walk or jog over the Golden Gate Bridge for an excellent way to workout.
  • Hop into a boat or cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge with scenic views of the waterfront, while enjoying meals and drinks onboard.
  • Take a tour to the Alcatraz Island to explore the prison and get a feel of the island surrounded by the Bay waters.


    3.   For the foodies

  • Take a walk along the Fisherman’s wharf and try sea food, meats, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, coffee and beverages.
  • Visit the famous Tony’s pizza for pastas, pizza slices and Italian wonders or enjoy Irish coffee at the old and well-known Buena Vista cafe.
  • Explore wide range of cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Ethiopian and Mediterranean at several old and new restaurants.


4. For the nature lovers.

  • Enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the Bay waters under the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Spend a day with the waters and waves at Ocean beach, China beach, Baker beach or Marshall beach. 



   Pick from any of these and enjoy your time at San Francisco. Whether you visit the city as a tourist from far and wide or whether you frequently visit it over the weekends, whether you stay in this city or commute for work, you cannot resist to fall in love with it over and over again! 

Published by Lavanya