"We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life." ~ Edwin Markham.

We all know the Golden Rule.

Often we edit it a little. To suit ourselves. We treat others the way they treat us.

Not the way we wish to be treated.

When I think about the Golden Rule; I honestly believe if we all followed this rule 100% there would be no war. There would be peace on earth.

My kids tell me I'm a hippy, such a peace lover; born too late.

There are many variations of this teaching. In many different languages, cultures and religions.

Do you follow the Golden Rule?

What about when someone does the wrong thing, breaks the law, murders an innocent person, then how do we apply the Golden Rule? 

What then?  Perhaps that person might like to be excused.  Let go. There is no justice there. 

I believe in those circumstances the Golden Rule means to treat others as we would expect to be treated had we committed those same acts.  What is fair and just? How would you wish to be treated? 

If we all lived by this rule what kind of world would it be?

Today is election day in the USA.  I'm already hearing reports of a shooting. 

Pray for peace. 

And the Golden Rule.


Published by Kristy Hunt