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What are the two things in life that has the greatest potential to disturb your peace if they where taken away from you dear reader? I would make the statement that the two things in life that has that potential is our health and our money. If something happens to your health or your money it will affect your peace. But if your health is good and you dont lack money, then you have a good foundation to handle other difficulties. Health and money is often the foundation for our lifes, but what is your source for your health and your money?


What am I referring to when I am asking for the source for your health and your money? Where does your money come from and how do you make sure your health is good. Most of us would say our jobs is the source of money, but most of us have to admit we cant control everything about it. We are at the mercy of the economy and our employer. We cant control changes in the economy that could result in layoffs. And when it comes to our health we know we cant protect ourself against deadly diseases such as cancer and HIV. So we have to admit its a bad deal to trust in our jobs for our income and ourself or our doctors for our health. In addition to this we can make poor choices that makes it even more uncertain. We can damage our health by making poor lifestyle choices such as smoking or using drugs. Or we can make poor financial decisions that gives us debt to struggle with.


Is there a way to make sure and to guarantee your income and your health?


The devil knows the power of money and the power of health. He knows how it will disrupt and affect our lifes if something where to happen to it. But he also knows that God has jugded it a sin to believe in anything other then the cross of Christ. So if the devil can attack us in our health or our finances he can also attempt to get us to believe the lie that we can get our health back or our finances back by using sinful methods. (Rom 14:23)


There are several different ways for him to spread his lies on how to get our health back and our finances back. He often uses preachers to spread those lies, and quite often well known preachers. If for instance a preacher tells you it is possible to give your way out of debt, you know he is one of them. There is nothing in the bible that supports the idea that you can give your way out of debt. If a preacher tells you to sow an offering for your healing then you know he is also one of them. Nowhere in the bible does it say that we can sow an offering for our healing.


What would happen if it was possible to give your way out of debt or to give your way out of sickness? That person who does the giving would get the glory and not God. And all the rest who didnt have that kind of money would be left out. So it is easy to see why that is a lie, you cant give your way out of debt and sickness.


The devils motive for doing this is to trick you into believing you need to do certain things to get something from God. He knows that this is jugded as a sin from God because its law and works. Andd the devil also knows that a person who is saved by grace through faith, but then resorts to works to be healed, provided for or anything else will fall from grace and loose their soul. That is always the devils nr.1 motive, to get us to loose our souls. (Rom 14:23, Gal 5:4)

If the devil cant make us accept such blatant lie he will always try to make us doubt God. If he cant get us to loose our soul he will go for the next best thing which is to make our life miserable. Then he will get us to believe the lie that God does not want us to be healed and He does not want us to prosper and be provided for.


But what is Gods view on health and money? Does God want us healed, at good health and prosperous? Is it Gods will for us to be rich and healthy?


Sickness, financial lack is considered to be a curse in the Bible. Health, wealth is considered to be a blessing from God in the Bible. So its obvious God wants us wealthy and healthy. Its not difficult to understand that the same God who said we should go into all the world to make disciples would give us the money we need to do, take care of our health so we are able to do so and take care of our homes so we can concentrate on making disciples.

But the difference is this, God is the one who gives us grace to get wealth and health. We dont get to do anything except believe to be able to recieve. If we as much as try to do anything He will automaticly pull back and stop the flow of grace in our lifes that we need so desperatly to be wealthy and healthy. (Rom 14:23, Gal 5:4, 2.Chor 9:8, Deut 8:18)


If we loose our health or we loose our money we have sorrows in our lifes. When Jesus died for us He did not only die for our sins, He also died for our sorrows. So His death made it possible for us to be free from all our sorrows. And when it comes to sickness we know the Bible says we are healed by His stripes. So it is evident that God wants us to be wealthy and healthy. He wants us to have more then enough and a little bit extra to give to His Kingdom. (2.Chor 9:8, Isaiah 53:3-5, Deut 8:18, 28:1-13)


Is this a reality in your life? Are you living with health and wealth or is your life a little bit more like mine? Some days I feel like I have health, and some days it is good to have access to advil and it has been a long time since I have had wealth as in money in my life.

What are we doing wrong? It is obvious that God wants us healthy and wealthy.


I was listening to one of the big names in christianity preaching the other day and he repeated the lie that to get health, and wealth, we need to work for it. He guaranteed health and wealth if we just read certain passages in the scripture each day. Reading scripture is good and healthy, but if it becomes a way to gain health and wealth it becomes a sin and law where actually run the risk of loosing our souls. So its obvious one of the reasons is the fact that most christians comit acts of sin each day because they choose to believe such lies.


One of the other things we are doing wrong is fueled by our desire to be responsible. Being an adult you are supposed to take responsibility for your own life, your own happiness and your own health. We know that even though you are an adult there are certain areas of life that is beyond our control. That can be difficult for us to accept because it goes against everything we are taught. It is difficult to accept that as adults we cant control every area of our own lifes. But still we choose to try only to fail time and time again.


So the two main reasons why we are not healthy and wealthy is because we have chosen to believe a lie, or because we are fighting a lost battle trying to gain control over something we cant control.

But still God wants us healthy and wealthy. How do we do that? How do we become healthy and wealthy?


Let me ask you a question dear reader, how did you get saved? You got saved because one day you understood that you had broken Gods law the 10 commandments. There was no doubt in your mind that you had lied, stolen, hated and lusted. So you knew that if you where to die at that moment God would be just in sending you to hell, you deserved hell like we all do. But then you heard the good news of the Gospel. You heard that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, had been sacrificed for your sins. And if you would only believe that sacrifice would be accounted for your sins, so by faith God would accept the death of Jesus for your sins as a sacrifice for your transgression of the law.

At that moment you got saved and born again.


If Jesus died for you sins, your sicknesses and your sorrows its easy to understand that to recieve salvation from your sorrows and healing for your sickness is identical to recieving forgivness for your sins. So the way to health and wealth is faith, but not just any kind of faith. Its faith in the death of Jesus and His blood. (Rev 12:11, Rom 3:22, Isaiah 53:3-5)


This is so easy, and at the same time it is so difficult. Why is it difficult dear reader?


It is difficult because all our lifes we have been taught to be in the drivers seat for our lifes. We have been taught to be the captain in our own lifes, but nobody told us how to handle those areas of our lifes that we just cant control but still has the power to affect us in such a great way. So faith in the blood of Christ is litteraly choosing to trust Jesus to drive our car, but when you have driven your own car for such a long time it is difficult to hand it over to someobdy else. It is even difficult to hand it over to the Son of God.


But it shouldnt be difficult for us dear reader, after all we know that we did not deserve Jesus. We deserved hell, but even so He gave us the perfect sacrifice in Jesus. When we look at the cross and the blood of Jesus we know we can trust Him to give us everything else we need for life and living. Then we know we can trust Him to give us health and wealth. (Roman 8:32, Isaiah 53:3-5)


I know – waiting on something you need bad is hard. Its like christmas morning waiting to open the gifts, you get impatient. So I understand how it is, you want to walk up to Gods throne and ask Him how long until I get what I need. Because you feel like you need money now and health now. Your needs are urgent and important. So something within you wants answers from God, you want to know when.


But the thing is this, if we feel we cant trust Him to meet our needs in His timing, then we are not actually walking in faith. To walk in faith we need to dear trust Him enough that can come to the place where we say «I only need the blood of Christ». When we are at that place where we are truly satisfied with the blood, and nothing but the blood, then He will give us everything else we need. Then we will truly be wealthy and healthy. (1.Tim 6:12, Rom 3:22, Deut 8:18, 28:1-13)


Why is this so you might ask. This is so because God wants relationship with Him. Think of it this way, dont you want your children to be safe secure children resting in your love for them? If your children needed food, clothes, medication you would want them to trust you to give it to them. If they where all the time stressed out asking you «when dad will you give us what we need» you would know something was wrong in your relationship with them. But if they came to you, told you how they love you, thanked you for all you have done for them AND asked for something but then continued to love you as their parent, you would know you had safe, secure children who never doubted your ability and willingness to meet their needs.


Ok I know dear reader that last sentence was a bit complicated, so let me reprhase myself. God wants your love for the blood of Christ, and the death of Christ to be your number 1 priority in life. The reason for this is twofold. First of all because it guarantees that your faith is where it should be, and if your faith is in the cross you are headed for heaven when you die. It is also the only way for God to give you what you need, to provide for and heal you through that faith. (1.Tim 6:12, Rev 12:11)


So even though I know how difficult it is to wait, I know how much you want to know «when God will you heal me, provide for me?» you have to choose to be satisfied with the blood. Because when you are satisfied with the blood of Christ, with His death for your sins, that is the only way God can meet the rest of your needs because then your faith is where it should be.


What it all comes down to is this, when Jesus died on that cross He died for your sins, your health, your finances, your mental health, and everything in life. Through His death we have it all, but only if we believe that to be true.


So there is a way dear reader to make sure and to guarantee your income and your health. The way is faith in the death of Jesus and His blood.


Thank you again dear reader for taking the time to read todays teaching. If God is willing I will return tomorow with the last teaching of the week. For those of you who are new readers I just want to remind you that I will publish one teaching If you need prayer or a prophecy, dont hesitate to contact me.  

Published by Apostle Ernie