My wanderings in the blogosphere often cause me to chuckle or sigh. Writers post pictures of themselves, hoping to establish the fact that their lives are jam-packed with excitement, variety and purpose.

Here I am slalom water skiing. Here I am zip-lining. Here I am at my easel with latest masterpiece. Here I am surrounded by laughing kids at the barbecue. Here I am sipping a Corona on a pristine white tropical beach…

The fact that they seem to have to advertise a fulfilling life, betrays the fact that they DON’T have it. The things, the tinsel treats, the frenetic pass-times speak of ongoing dissatisfaction in an open-ended search. For a time a loving God will allow them to keep opening such doors of restlessness. But then in His mercy a time of straightening comes, and perhaps they may come to themselves (Luke 15: 17).

Off come the designer shades; off comes the bling; off comes the shirt; off comes the façade; off comes the bragging talk; off comes the foolish jest. I have come to myself. GULP. And it isn’t very pretty. Oh God please help me. I must have tried most of the others. Please, don’t YOU let me down!

And a merciful Heavenly Father has just engaged with another readied child of need. He picks him/her up in those loving, capable arms. He strokes the tears from the cheeks. He squeezes the arm of tomorrow’s renewed purpose. The good life is being found.

Published by Doug Blair