Are You grammar goofs? Who is always writing the content in the bad sentences and enabling others to question at your works? Well, Do You want to know the reason for these grammatical mistakes that probably damaging your content? Let's check out the grammatical errors that are decreasing your and yours content credibility.

Commonly Confused words:

One of the First error that is damaging your content credibility is Commonly confused words. sometimes, we often get confused with the words we are using in the article. Like, You are thinking and reading the sentences Properly but confused while writing the exact word for the same. Example: Then and Than these two are the different types of words and means totally different. When then means the sentence which has to come after then and than is meanwhile is a comparing word. You should have to look into these silly and small mistakes and You can also take the help of Grammarly.

Grammarly is one of the popular application which is known to be the Best writing partner. Grammarly offers you the Depth check of your article whether the sentence you have used in the article is correct or not. Also, You can have a check on Plagiarism and check out whether your content is copied or not. Currently, Grammarly premium is running on a discount. You can check Grammarly discount from here.

Confusing homophones:

Sometimes, You are often confused with the homophones. Homophones are the words that sound same but actually, they are not and they are having the different spellings and meanings. Its one of the another Grammatical Mistake which you should cross-check Else can be the reason for losing your content credibility.

Example of Homophones: Their/There/They’re

Where Their Means belong to them, there means the thing should be the there, and They're means we are targeting the group of peoples.]

Punctuation Problems:

Punctuation problems mostly occur when you are really writing any professional article. Although, You may not be judged for every misplaced comma in the article. but if You are really writing the good and professional content then the punctuation matters a lot, even a small comma will let you ruin your credibility. So, Do have a cross-check on your punctuations.

Apostrophes in plural words:

Apostrophes are used to show possession. They should have checked before processing the content to your client. These small mistakes can bring your credibility down. Apostrophes Like: (The dog’s collar was red.) They’re also used to form contractions like shouldn’t, we’ve, and you’re.

Runaway ellipses:

Another thing in the article is Ommissions sometimes, you have overused the same word again and again in the content and that results in the omission of words. When you quote someone, ellipses can indicate that you’ve omitted part of the quote.

The Verdict:

While writing for anyone or yourself be professional check out the every possible grammar mistakes and if You are a fresher You can use the Grammarly in order to correct your grammar, You can checkout the Grammarly Review also. If You do have any Questions, Ask us in the comments section.


Published by Matthew Piggot