It has been quite some time since our last trek across the US on Interstate 10. This trip began in our home state of California and will end in Florida. Today we crossed into Arizona and I was quickly reminded how beautiful this state it. After over 100 miles of desert, cactus and dust, Majestic mountains pop up on the horizon and as our big rig barrels down the highway, the depth and texture of Arizona's mountains becomes more detailed. Along with large mountains, another oddity in the desert land is Dragoon. If you blink, you'll miss the gravity defying rock formations that are one of my favorite things to photograph. We have stopped for the night in the town of Wilcox at a truck stop and the warm embrace of the afternoon sun is long gone now, replaced by a dust blowing wind with a chill so sharp and biting that an evening walk lasted five minutes before my husband and I had to seek refuge in our climate controlled home on wheels.

Published by Christinaconley