Berlin wall is being reborn in the streets of Calais. Man has traveled the dawn of history and their myopic view brings forth a society that has without a doubt prancing the moral trenches, held ever steadily by sanity. We have our children washing up on shores, bloodied image of Omran Daqneesh, as it appears we have lost all sense of diplomacy across the round table that we believe and comprehend that problems can be resolved over bullets and the death of mankind.  

We enclose our brothers and sisters in cages, sugar coated as refugee camps, and find comfort in the idea that we dish out humanitarian aid while profiting from the evils that be. Man is heartless and this is evident on the streets of Brexit, Calais, Aleppo, Kashmir with the desperation to survive clearly evident on the Greek ocean.

The great divide is the finer line of morality that governs man, it propels us to the consciousness of right and wrong; rules and laws that are meant to shelter us from life’s evils.

It seems we have lost all sense of morality that we trample bodies, bury children, behead man in the name of our people, sharpen our machete in the fight for blood diamonds, and take our life in honor. Who is this species in the midst of us? This creature that’s filled with hatred and resentment.

In the book ‘A time for machete’ the men behind the atrocities in the Rwandan genocide narrated how they would wake up every day during the massacre pick up a machete and go to work hunting another human to hackle to death like a chicken with no sense of dignity, morals, or fear and they were adamant that they act was justified.

What is clearly evident is our society being insensitive to the imbalances plaguing our morally starved society. The European nation is very much aware of the stigma they played in the African continent through colonization, Germany in the holocaust. Hence when faced with the migrant debacle they choose to turn the other cheek. The political ideology is very much complex and susceptible to falling short in addressing and eradicating issues that affect a child in Aleppo, a child in Sudan or a daughter in the hands of Boko Haram.

The world is a telescopic satellite that shows us that from the days of Noah’s ark we have lapsed in all sense of morality.  There’s a distinctive line between the Good and Bad, Right and Wrong but we fear testing the waters as we sit on the liberal fence. It’s easier to wear the mask of ignorance when we far removed from the problem, however should one put on the shoes of empathy and retrace the migrant path, or board the boat to Italy we may offer some ounce of sympathy and be receptive to the migrant dilemma at hand.

What baffles me is how and when we crossed this distinctive line of morality? How have we gotten to a point where we can pick up a machete and butcher another for tribal differences, sit on the throne and command others to be gassed, spit hatred through racism and hide behind the white cloak or uniform?

“The victors in World War II bequeathed to us the United Nations in the hope that it would take us into a new era in which we could avoid interstate warfare,” Michael Bell.  However from the wars evident today it is thus clear that the round table in Geneva has failed, as men in suits are left finger pointing to the detriment of man on the street.

It is heartening that what we have become a race that is desensitized to loss of life, to issues of migrants, that we can stand on a pulpit and block roads with trucks as a cry for shutting the door on people in need. What we have is a xenophobic society that is self- centered and unashamed to voice their negation of others through white supremacism. We have wars living man homeless, knocking on borders for refuge but left red faced with the re- emergence of the berlin wall. 

Published by Murunwa Netshisaulu