Let me start with a question- Do you think that everything needs to go according to some plan?
Have you ever thought about it?
That your life is completely managed by your inner self that needs to be in control of everything what happens next? Some people might think that going somewhere without a planning diary, is a crime.

Well yes, some people need a certain order in their life - it makes them calm to know, that everything goes according to a plan. Of course, there are also control freaks, where everything needs to be on one particular place, event needs to happen at that one particular minute and I am not even talking about meetings time, or their world will explode. No, this is not a personal experience, maybe I am just observing people too much, or just watching too many movies, I don't know.

I think that a time in one persons life comes, when this needs to stop, or at least pause a little- not for forever, because some people just like it that way, or need the certain order in things. They need to experience something that doesn't completely fits in their schedule.

I, as a doctor, prescribe:
Walk out of your house and simply take a wrong turn - get lost for some time, as least for a while, because why the hell not?

While on your "getting lost" tour, if you like something on a stranger- compliment him/her- for example hair, clothing or whatsoever. Forget about your anxiety of talking to people for a while and just try it on; only that's how you'll know if a scarf with a brand "HAVE FUN" fits you.

While walking downtown again, if you're gonna see unmarked door, don't pass them by, walk towards and open them without any hesitation.

Don't be afraid to talk in circle of people you don' t really know - so if you'll see a group of people hanging out on a field (please make sure first if they aren't just selling guns or whatsoever there), don't be scared to ask them what are they doing and might join them afterwards.

At the end- just close your eyes and jump- do things without knowing how they're gonna end, step out of your comfort zone for a little bit. You are here for you, smart enough to realize that you see a choice between working hard with your planning and stuff and slacking off. You don't even know, how many adventures you might miss while you are waiting to think of a plan. Find those adventures, even though they'll be only tiny ones, but also the most interesting ones.

Remember, you are the "maker" of your future, don't waste those tiny happenings.

Nina ∞ 


Published by Nina S