The Guilt of Masturbation 

Speaking for all men, not only my own perspective.

My pants undone, hitting the floor, belt unbuckled, underwear? Gone. Where am I? Completely irrelevant, now's not the time to be mindful of where I'm at when you're in the heat of the moment. All that matters right now is to relieve the tension and give into the pleasure.

Why am I filled with guilt? Why must masturbation be so bittersweet? I thought this was to pleasure oneself, not feel guilt. I've heard there's also health benefits involved. Is it because I treated myself, instead of what evolution has spent countless of years perfecting humanity to reproduce, instead of, this? It's not like every  time I'll be using my dick it'll be me having sex, we've evolved. My body was programmed to reproduce, and yet here I stand with my hand wrapped around my member.

You can see the guilt from many different angles. The religious side would be "masturbation is wrong." I'd be doing something morally wrong if I were Christian, hence the guilt. But the thing is, I'm not even religious.

Morally, I would sort of understand why I'd feel guilty. Just imagine you just saw your grandma and said hey and everything, then just a few minutes later boom. You're in the restroom busting a fucking nut. Just imagine the painted picture of innocence your grandma probably held of you. Gone. What happened? You gave in.

Scientifically, our bodies have been evolving and perfecting themselves for years and years. We were fucking savages. Wordplay on the word fucking right there, cause that's literally all we did and had to do. We had to reproduce to keep our species alive and our bodies were just basically programmed to fuck and just that. Cavemen probably had no time for games to diddle themselves, they had to conquer bitches, and that we did very raw. The moment of ejaculation your body is filed with dopamine for a few moments, then comes the bad part. Prolactin peaks, this sudden change may make one sleepy. But if anything, the process is what makes one sleepier, rather than the peak of pleasure.

As the tension is released and relieved, you sometimes may get this, mind blowing, spectacular, fucking orgasm, then after that it's immediately gone. The pleasure is rid and filled with guilt, maybe self-hatred even.

I speak so easily about who I bust a nut to but bringing up the topic of guilt among my friends really opens up their eyes. They can all suddenly relate to it, along with literally anyone else.

It can be seen so differently though, that's the part that's so fucked up. Usually, my sex drive would probably be higher if I'm with someone, and when I am, that person is the main interest. Main, sexual, interest. But then you could just be, I don't know, a family man, and you masturbate. But why does it have to be seen so morally wrong and looked down upon. I shake teachers hands, relatives, friends, and just thinking about it changes your perspective, doesn't it? I, masturbated with this hand. They, once masturbated with that hand. Is it ever mentioned? No. Is it ever relevant? No. So we just keep quiet about it. We know it goes on, but we just pretend it doesn't. So then, we just all assume we don't do it at all in the first place. And if we're asked personally, we're most likely to answer no to save us from shame, disgust, immorality, or guilt.

I speak so easily about who I bust a nut to but bringing up the topic of guilt among my friends really opens up their eyes. They can all suddenly relate to it, along with literally anyone else. Masturbation may be joked about or talked about as if nothing. It doesn't matter if you do it, keep to yourself, be proud of it, whatever. Society seems to be pretty mindful of it and it being talked about at all.

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Published by Leopoldo De Samaniego