Grant Jarrett is the fourth of five brothers, the son of Christian Scientists, and has worked as both a drummer and a bike store manager. The Half Life of Remorse is his newest novel.

Chic has been a vagrant for most of his life, scratching out a bleak existence on the cold streets, just him against the world. Then one day, he meets Sam, a fellow vagrant and a harmless lunatic, who keeps seeing visions of a family on the verge of destruction. Sam thinks he’s an ageless former wizard. Chic thinks Sam’s crazy. But their lives are far more intertwined than either of them imagine, and as Chic and Sam set out to help the family from Sam’s visions, they are on a collision course with the violence of their past.

The title of The Half Life of Remorse is what caught my eye in the beginning. But reading about Chic and Sam’s lives on the street and their struggles with haunting memories of the past kept me drawn into the pages of this book. These characters are broken beyond imagination, but even in their brokenness, hope can be found. This is no light, fluffy read, but if you’re looking for something that explores the harder side of the human experience, complete with glimmers of hope, this is exactly the sort of book you’re looking for.

(Galley provided by SparkPress via NetGalley.)

Published by Misti Pyles