As she looked at the now empty room, she remembered the happy days. The days when she was loved, appreciated, content. And as she reaches a place of happy memories, reality hits her. A stray tear falls even though she rarely cried. A frown appeared on her once smiling face. A wave of guilt shadowed her mind. She blamed herself. She blamed herself for being so dumb. All she wanted was to go back. Alas, it would not be the same. One little secret cost her everything. A little white lie lost her all the people she cares about. She wanted to win them back. She definitely thought so but she had no faith in herself. 
She realises what she has lost, what she has left and what she must find again. Although it might be different people, different feelings and different memories, it was all going to be worth it.

*5 years later*

She laughed with joy in her eyes. She talked like there was no tomorrow. She was happy once again. Appreciated. Loved. How did this happen you ask? After regretting the past, she got up one fine day and decided – enough is enough. I need to get my shit together. And indeed she got it together. It was a good life these past years might I add. She still went through the fears, the depression. But she reminded herself about the happy feeling she wanted once again. This kept her going. She made new colleagues, friends and found her significant other. All because she got up and went on with her life when she did. This right here, is the story of how a girl who fell hard, got back up again.

Published by Felicity