My days are consumed like smoke.
My heart is smitten and withering like grass.
My eyes are going bad, bringing darkness into my being.
The candle of the Great One is burning out.

You have been hidden for years because you are quiet and meek,
Nevertheless you are the most beautiful part of my being.
The prettiest adornment in the sight of the Great One.
Your unfading beauty all must desire.

You are the hidden man of my heart.
You have been hidden from the eyes of men but not from the great One for your nature is pretty in his sight.
You are a real beauty everyone should have.
Indeed you have been hidden far too long
Left unattended to, unfed, and unkept.
I made the outward man dominate over you far too long.

Now the time has come for you to take your rightful position.
The proof that you are the best man for me is that you will not permit me do just anything for I have the nature of the Great One in me.
You are not just on my mind but deep within me.
You know the very moment I go wrong and keep me under check.

I developed the outward man at your expense,
But then you are the candle of the Great One.
How do I get directed when you are burning out?
How do I break this dormancy when you have been left in this state for ages?

Great One please take the wheel for
I realize life is more than food and the body more than clothes.
There is a fine line between reality and fanaticism, so there is between the outward man and the hidden man of the heart.
I am not ashamed of you my hidden man for you are my true identity.


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