The High Calling

There is something really magical
That happens when you create space
In your life
To map out what you really want to manifest.

Your dreams
Instantly start to spark a deep
Conversation with the Universe
That says you’re ready for action.

You are the sum of strength
Developed from the hardest;
Most soul shattering times and your happiest;
Proudest moments filled with deep-belly laughs and soul touching smiles.

This is the beginning of something different
Rising from the depths of darkness to see the light again
Contributing to this big blue and green earth
You have your own miraculous identity: your own touch of genius.

Your body knows how to heal
Your soul knows how to bounce back
Make yourself a cup of tea. Relax. Let go.
You will suddenly see a shimmer of light again.

...and my friend you have finally arrived !!

Published by Ranjeeta Nath Ghai