They say that when you write, it makes it hard to forget.

Forget what? Forget the feeling you felt that leads you to writing?

Forget the event that turned to memory because it was now written on a “sheet of paper?”

There’s no certainty to an answer. Everyone has their opinion to the matter. In reality, everything is bound to be forgotten whether we like it or not. The dream we had last night is gonna be forgotten the next day we wake up. Whether we accept it or deny it, some of our memories are made to be forgotten.

I was feeling down for almost a week now. Been reading and reading lots of articles still, no amount of ideas wants to come out of my brain – I just want to write.

Today is a holiday and I’m at home. I was thinking of something fun to do but my inner “Mr. Frugal” won’t allow me so I just decided to stay at home and check on my messenger the whole day – it has become a habit.

So before I forgot some of “The Highlights of the Past Week”  let’s have a round-up of them one by one:

  1. My Last Credit Card Installment
  • Yes! I’m a huge fan of credit cards! I could still remember how I was able to obtain my first card without even sending some requirements. It is possible when you know how to do the moves. Having credit card makes spending more easier. A swift swipe here and some signatures there, BANG! that’s how you do it. I used to buy some of my luxuries through its help, but this year my card has taken its toll on me. My out of the budget curiosity got the best of me, it was November when I planned to buy a thing with no money for paying so I used my credit card instead. I am working as a car insurance agent, we have no established salaries only by commission. When the harvest is good, the savings is plenty. So with full hope and confidence, I was very positive to buy that thing because in my mind the money for payment is on its way, but it’s otherwise. As the new year steps in I got news that some of my beloved clients we’re sacked from their company which straightly affected my income. I could hardly think of how was I supposed to pay my purchased. There was even a time when I can’t sleep thinking where to find the money to pay it. I got busy praying and shading every day of the month until my pay-day comes.. One lesson that I learned from there: Never purchase anything beyond what you can pay. When I got my bill on my email I was so happy seeing the end of my instalment.

2. Credit Card Limit Increased

  • Wow! I don’t know how to express what I feel about this. At first I was so happy that I got an increased. It feels like I have succeeded the biller’s expectations with my spending. On a second thought It was a bit discouraging, more money means more spendings and my personality as an emotional buyer sparks danger. However, A good friend advised me to just convert it into cash with minimal interest payable in months to end the drama.

3. We were noticed!

  • I just came from a quick vacation and decided to share what I experienced. I discovered an app called “Looloo”, a social media application created for making reviews on food, places or anything that comforts a person. When my friend was noticed by them, they featured her article and was rewarded with freebies; with my God-given curiosity, I tried. I sent my review in aiming of the free shirt if selected. After some time, I checked on them again and to my surprised, the article I sent was fortunately made its own way to their “featured” column. Confusedly happy and sad. Happy because out of nothing, the article I sent was honoured. Sad that when they mailed there were no indications that I’ll take home some freebies. Few days past, my review is still gaining likes and comments until one time they told me to check my email again. I hurriedly checked on it and wow! They were asking for my address – they have finally something up for me! Wooohoo! When I have my hopes all gone, there’s a silver lining rising up! My friends and I decided to climb a mountain. I was then so happy I decided to write it on my personal blog. After I published it, I unexpectedly received good reviews and remarks. I even felt flattered when my friend told me that it gave them feels that I wasn’t the one who wrote it all because in all honesty and without bragging, when I previewed it, I also got that kind of feeling. I was thinking, “Is it really me who wrote it or some kind of spirit must have possessed while I was clicking down on my keyboard.” Nevertheless, it wasn’t me that should be glorified.
  • I love instagram! I love pictures. Traveling people are my favorites. As I checked on my instagram messenger another mail dropped down to my account, is inviting me to write some articles for them. Initially, I was thinking that maybe it was some kind of a spam message, trying to hack my account so I asked my friend to kindly check the legibility of the site. Its true. I contacted them sent emails asking for details and they were kind enough to reply. Until one day, they put forward if I would like to accept the offer and I said yes! They created my own account and they are the reason why you are reading this up.





They say that when you write, it makes it hard to forget.

So before I forget these thankful blessings, I have to write them now so that when those days are gone, I have some back up to feel that moment again!

What are your simple thankful thoughts?

Published by Emmanuel Mejia