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Who needs to describe the plot, when the massively long title does it for you. But for those of you who hadn’t already figured it out, the story is about a 100 year old man who yes, climbed out a window but its a bit more complicated that. Alan (the 100 year old man) is in an old folks home, not really by choice, he was sent there for blowing up his home, that is a long story. He has a nasty nurse who keeps taking his hidden booze off him. So when he finds out that the old folks home intends to throw a surprise 100th party for him, he has had enough and wants out. Being limited in his options and mobility, he decides to climb out the window and run away albeit very slowly since he is 100.

First stop after a sloth like crawl out the window is the nearby bus station, a short walk away for most but for him it was tiring, he approaches the sales person and asks how far he can get for 500 crowns, well it's set in Sweden so all the currency is theirs. Google converter tells me its about 20 bucks. Which seems a far more reasonable amount for a senior to have on them.The money wont get him too far, i guess bus travel is expensive over there. So while he waits a few minutes for the bus arrive he sits down. It is then a stranger approaches him and asks if he could hold his suitcase while he goes to the bathroom, before Alan can respond the man is off running for the toilet, just as Alan’s bus arrives.

Here is where the story takes an interesting turn, Alan looks at the bus, then looks at the suitcase and pretty much thinks ahh screw it, and takes the suitcase on the bus. At the end of the bus journey Alan with the help of a new friend opens the suitcase and discovers it is filled with millions of crowns, not actual crowns of course but the currency used in Sweden.

What follows is an hilarious adventure and accidental heroism that would put the Pink Panther or Mr Bean to shame. An adventure of Alan avoiding the police looking for him (out of concern) and of the gangsters looking for their money. Along the way Alan gathers new friends including an Elephant. We find out all about Alan’s past including meeting Presidents, Dictators, Secret police. We learn of his albeit almost unbelievable good luck and Alan finds out once again what it means to feel truly alive.

A fantastic read full of laughs, definitely going to keep an eye out for more from this author

Published by Matt Fone