SOOOO. I've been trying to keep myself as stress free as possible this summer because I want to enjoy all the free time I have. I'm making plans to take trips to museums this week, paint my room next week, and squeeze in the beach as often as I can. I got a new bathing suit that I'm excited to wear! This Friday is also my Fall 16 semester registration for college.


  1. I get to FINALLY take a bunch of English classes this year because I've finished all the lower division classes. 
  2. I also get to take elective classes of my choice (whatever open class I'm interested in). So guess who gets to take a Greek & Roman Mythology class?!


  1. My registration date is the SECOND TO THE LAST day of all registration
  2. All of the classes I've chosen are filling up or are at times that overlap each other

So much for the stress free week I was trying to have. Basically, all the classes that I chose and drafted a schedule for are quickly becoming unavailable. For some, my chances of getting a spot in the available ones are becoming incredibly slim. From today until Friday, I have to cross my fingers that two of the classes that only have 4 spots left stay open. If they don't I could end up not taking any of them at all. 

If that happens the alternative, I think, is just to get all the elective credits out of the way and then sign up for winter classes to make up for the major credits I couldn't get this Fall semester. 

Bottom line, I have major headaches whenever I think about it or sign onto my portal. 

Fingers crossed for me, guys. I really need all the luck to get those classes.

Siempre Tuyo,


Published by Sabrina Cardenas