Modern technology has provided various innovations for us to enjoy and this is no different in the digital age. Aside from ubiquitous gadgets like laptops, computers, and smart phones, technological innovations have also brought about new systems of exchanges through digital currency. Financial technology is on the way to becoming the new standard in making payments and doing trade transactions.


One of the most popular digital coins available is Bitcoin which has since garnered a wide range of attention worldwide. However, there are other alternatives to Bitcoin better known as altcoins or alternative coins that contain various blockchain technologies. Altcoins like DasCoin can also be used as an alternative mode of payment.

The Uses of Altcoins like DasCoin in Fintech

These days, terms like blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum, NEO and Ripple are commonly mentioned in Fintech discussions. While Bitcoin has made a name for itself by having the highest value in a single digital currency, altcoins have placed importance on their functionality and flexibility, utilizing more advanced blockchain developments.


So instead of using physical items like cash and checks, digital coins like DasCoin provide a series of transactions without the limitation established by centralized authorities like governments and banks. It also works on a platform called blockchain technology, where each transaction is updated on a shared ledger between various parties. This results to smoother transactions without the necessity of a third party.


Since its introduction into the digital trade, several people have praised the effectivity and speediness of cryptocurrencies as transaction tools. However, for a few, some of the features included in popular crypto coins aren’t as effective as they claim to be, like certain coins having high transaction fees with lengthier processes.


To counteract these problematic features while enjoying the benefits of cryptocurrency exchange, several companies have created their own coins as an alternative, serving a similar purpose but with a few improvements. Altcoins have not only improved the market stability but also encouraged competition among other blockchain developers.

Altcoin Selection Processes

Even though cryptocurrency was not primarily created for digital trade but for its utility, people have been using crypto coins as investments. Smart investors like to diversify their portfolios in order to make the most out of the variety of coins made available. Some considerations in selecting altcoins include their features, exchange rate, utility, technology and future uses.


Some altcoins like DasCoin use innovative blockchain technologies for entrepreneurs, startups, banks, governments, and enterprises. By incorporating the benefits of blockchain innovations with responsible centralized authority management, certain groups and parties will be able to enjoy faster transactions, secured data, and greater efficiency when performing various business transactions.

Altcoins are More than Bitcoin Alternatives

Altcoins make an impact in the Fintech industry by providing alternative currencies in which certain developments can operate off of. In the case of Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, companies can fund their projects by allowing investors to use altcoins, tokens and other blockchain-based utilities

Published by Zachary McGavin