For you to know the true impact of being on the Green or Red Platform you first have to understand what they both mean. 

I am going to touch on a bit about the Red Platform but first just a small overview of the concept in general. 

There are two influences in our lives, positive and negative things.  You have either positive thoughts and feelings or negative thoughts and feelings.  As humans, we think, and we feel.  We either think and feel negative things, which means we are on the Red Platform or we think and feel positive which we are on the Green Platform.  

There are some things that are totally out of your control, but those that you have control of, such as how you respond to a situation.  You can either respond positively, Green Platform, or negatively, Red Platform.  

The quality of your life depends on your choice.  You can be positive and uplifting, Green Platform, or you can be miserable and destructive Red Platform. 

More and more people are finding themselves on the Red Platform due to stress, fatigue, frustration, and workloads.  Feeling that pressure causes a reaction which starts a negative feeling causing them to step onto the Red Platform.  

When you step back and take a breath and put yourself on the Green Platform, you will be inspired and live life with joy and happiness.  You feel energized and full of enthusiasm.  Here is when you find your passion and your true purpose.  When you are on the Green Platform, you are genuine from the heart.  

To stay on the Green Platform, you must become aware.  Aware of your choice to stop and not react which puts you on the Red Platform.  The Red Platform can sneak up on you before you even realize it.  When you are aware, you can stop this before it happens. 

So, now that you have a brief overview, let’s dig into what being on the Red Platform is truly like and how you can easily get there without even realizing it until you are there.

“Success is getting what you want.  Happiness is wanting what you get.”

- Declan Coyle

The Red Platform is the negative, self-sabotaging platform.  We have thousands of thoughts that go through our minds every day.  The majority of these thoughts are negative, which means that very few are positive.  

So how in the world do we end up on the Red Platform?  We tend to want to point blame, complain or get angry when we are using words like “you” or “they”, or “he”, or “she.”  These are words that immediately point blame.  This is more about fear which is negative, hence Red Platform. 

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