Do you want to start a business in the vast real estate market as an entrepreneur? Want to invest in townhouses for sale in Dubai? Or are you looking to get an excellent offer on those Meraas off plan projects in Dubai?  

Although there are numerous ways of investing in the real estate business, for those who think about the long-term earnings by growing one investment property into several, you should start by learning how to build a real estate portfolio.

Owning a good real estate portfolio will not only give you an amazing reputation as a real estate investor but will also help your development as an entrepreneur.


Experts define a real estate portfolio as “a collection of the different investment assets that are held and managed to achieve a financial goal.”

It’s also defined as a “sort of catalogue of current and past real estate deals, whether rental properties, rehabs, or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), for the purpose of earning monetary returns.”


As in any business, you always have to be ready to show the clients what you got. Also, it’s important for entrepreneurs to start looking at a real estate investment portfolio for what it is: an irreplaceable element that helps your business get credibility.

A well-devised real estate investment portfolio will get you and your real estate business credibility and the complete trust of your clients. There’s nothing that is more capable of establishing credibility in the field of residential redevelopment than a great real estate investment portfolio.


There are several benefits associated to building a real estate portfolio such as:

* Passive income:

Many types of real estate investments provide steady cash flow in the form of passive income. If you start adding a rental property to your portfolio, this already mentioned passive income can also be helpful to pay down the mortgage debt that was used to purchase the property in the first place.

* Tax benefits

In general, you can claim the deductions for the year in which you paid for these common – but not limited to – rental property expenses:

- Advertising

- Cleaning and maintenance

- Commissions paid to rental agents

- Homeowner association (HOA fees)/condo dues

- Insurance premiums

- Legal fees

- Mortgage interest

- Taxes

- Utilities

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Published by Samantha Brown