Change is a scary thing, but it happens, and it's inevitable. I don't think that's easy for anyone to accept. When we experience change, it's common for us to lose a part of ourselves, but it is even more possible for us to recognize/discover/develop a new, different part of ourselves. Think of all of the change that has taken place in your life in the past year. I bet you can think of at least one major change, and if you can't, then try to think of one major change from more than one year ago that still affects you today. When you're feeling worried about an upcoming change that you can't avoid, remember that instance of change from your past. Notice the familiarity of the feelings that you feel now. Think of what you lost during that change, and what you have gained since then. Focus on the benefits of that experience, and feel proud that you endured the consequences. This is going to happen to you again, and again, and probably a few more times after that. But, with change comes development, progress, and a sense of individualism that you will appreciate and need for the rest of your life. 

Whatever your situation is, whatever big change is coming up, or whatever big change is still worrying you today, you have the ability to come out on the other side - the brighter side. 

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Published by Katie Troy