The events that have been unfolding over the past few days, weeks and months have left so many angered, confused and drained recently. It has tested the patience and spirit of humanity, then breaking everything in one swift motion. How does one bounce back from something like this wild U.S. election? Where does one go from this point and what happens to all that pent up emotion? Bouncing back won’t be easy, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Don’t get me wrong here. I might be Canadian, but I definitely understand the emotions that are currently running rampantly across the United States. Canadians are having a lot of emotions as well, worrying not only about our neighbours to the south, but also about the impact it will have indirectly and directly our own country or globally. We have already started to see some of that impact through an unsettling message sent out by Conservative leadership hopeful, Kellie Leitch. Thankfully, my fellow Canadians have been quick to swat it down and take a stand against any Trump like ideology sprouting up in our own country.

Admittedly, I’ve experienced a quite bit of emotions and thoughts over the past few days. I started asking myself, what I want, how I want to go about getting to that destination. I then started to think about how important it is to for me or anyone to be proactive for change. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a person’s personal life, politics or in society altogether. As long as we are proactive in life, we can guarantee the changes we desire, or set it in motion. Most importantly, it’s about how we look at it and what actions are taken.

Why is it so important to be proactive?

How do we expect to have change on one or all levels of life if we aren’t continuously working to achieve it? By not voting, making that phone call, accepting forgiveness and so on, nothing will happen. For example, in the last Canadian federal election, a few of my friends and many other people chose to leave their ballots blank, because they were so dissatisfied with the options presented to them. Essentially, they wanted change to happen, but weren’t willing to take a chance and opted to remain politically indifferent. They made a choice and took a chance, but who knows if they will see the change that they had desire. Millions of other Canadians voted and chose to elect a new Prime Minister. By doing so, they sent a loud and clear message. It was one that yelled “We are tired, we want change, therefore, we are putting our faith in this new guy. We want our country restored to its glory and we are giving this guy a chance.”

If we take away the political issues; being proactive is still very important. For example; we can’t get a job if we don’t submit a resume and we certainly can’t create beautiful art if we don’t buy the supplies to paint the beautiful images. If you want something, you must be willing to do the work, to make the choices and jump into your faith feet first. Nothing happens if we are just simply standing there, waiting with hands out.

What do you expect when you are just standing there, watching all those trains pass and head towards your destination? You can’t get there if you aren’t willing to get on the train. So what’s holding you back? Inaction achieves nothing, if not the direct opposite of what you are wanting.

So how do we be and remain proactive in all elements of life and society? Well, if you want something, you must be willing to take the necessary actions. If it hasn’t been clear already, it starts with choices and chances in order to attain change. That’s the most important part, because it’s already something we practice daily, by waking up and stepping out that door. Now, we all must take it further; to the next level.

There are other elements to all of this that I consider instrumental to encouraging proactivity on a day to day basis. Most of which is implemented in my own life, because I view them not only as important, but necessary. I believe it’s always imperative to:

Educate yourself

It’s so important to educate yourself, as it helps to make sound judgement when be you’re trying to create change in any area of your life. I have seen so many people (and friends) spouting uneducated opinions about various subjects as they try to hang on to their ignorance and prevent positive change. You can’t achieve anything if you’re not getting to know what you’re talking about or learning. As Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”

Be Open Minded

This goes hand in hand with educating yourself. Why bother doing anything, if you can’t be open to the things that might happen or what other people represent. All too recently, I’ve seen a lot of close minded commentary that tears others down. How do we as a society progress, if our minds are closed?
This doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything or everyone, but at least trying to understand the other side of things will help develop you as a person. Eventually, you will get to your desired destination or grow as a person.

Love Your Self

For me, this is very evident. Loving and accepting yourself will always help you, because loving oneself is a proactive action. Not only that, life changes greatly when you’re in a good relationship with yourself.


Have Hope

Hope can go a long way. It not only helps boost a persons’ morale, but encourages to take action based on hope. Negativity can’t consume your mind if you stay hopeful.

In the words of Desmond Tutu: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Do Something

Being proactive can only occur when you’re willing to do something, willing to take action whether it means volunteering in your community, exercising, creating art, joining a book club, etc. It can’t be any more clearer than that. This doesn’t mean you need to hurt others, belittle or isolate them in order to get to the point that you want to reach, it just means you need to be willing to do something that’s positive.

Ultimately, being proactive in all areas of life is highly important. We can’t create change in our lives, community or country if we aren’t willing to accept proactivity as a way of life. If you take a look around, it’s clear there are people living like mindless drones, going along with whatever they are told and then there is the opposite, those who take action continuously. Therefore, let's be for the positive change and continuously live proactively.

And to end it all, here’s a final quote:

I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it's proactive and there is positive intent behind it.

-Michael J. Fox




Published by Amy Koda