I’ve been writing since i was about eleven years old but i didn’t learn that my emotions could flow in many different forms until about three years later.It was like my world shifted and change came from every direction not giving me the pleasure of choosing whether or not to accept it.Throughout those years my writing has been tucked away in brightly coloured notebooks that usually had no lines because i wanted the freedom to scribble on every inch of the page without restriction.The freedom to scribble my interpretation of personal experiences and those that surrounded me.However, when put to the test my writing would never be interesting enough and it was like i allowed myself to become discouraged.I sought validation from others for every creative piece of me that they encountered and if it was not given i felt like i lacked the ability to really categorise myself as creative. I soon realised that i was allowed to be sensitive about my creations but there will always be someone out there that it will positively impact and that is enough fuel to keep going.

Published by Abeena Gomes