As parents we are often thrown into a soup as to which furniture pieces is a necessity for your kids and which we can do without. With each passing day, opinions are changing based on various researches that are being conducted around the world. So what should you do?

Well, the first thing that you should do is stick to what you think is best for your kid, since no research knows your kid better than you, but you should also keep an open mind about the various suggestions that keep coming. The next thing that you need to do is get your toddler or 1-4 years old child an activity table. Wondering why? Well, here are some reasons that you won’t be able to ignore:

  1. Kids need to be given their own space right from their childhood so that they can effectively connect with themselves. This will help in spurting their creative side and as the kid grows up she or he will have a more clear idea as to what works for them and what does not. An activity table is a place where they can give birth to their own ideas and try them out, putting them into use. This will help in developing the rational as well creative side of the child.
  2. You can always opt for large Activity Tables & Chair sets  if you have two or more kids. Make them sit at the same activity table because then this is the place where they will learn the importance of sharing with their brothers and sisters. This will also encourage them to work in groups and develop a positive feeling towards everyone, rather than becoming a recluse. This will largely help in promoting the quality of sharing amongst your children, thus strengthening the sibling bond.
  3. We all want our kids to sit at a study table and get their home work done at the end of the day. We want to instil it within them. Well the best way to do that is start the practise right from their childhood. If they develop the habit of sitting at their activity table, they are more likely to make an easy transition when you replace the activity table with a study table.
  4. As parents you will largely benefit by observing your kid working at the activity table. If you watch them closely you will be able to understand their likes and dislikes and even at times gauge their strength as well as weak points. This will help in ensuring that you become the proper guide for your kid from a very young age.
  5. After your child becomes 4 or 5 years old, replace the activity table with a study table. You can go for kids study table online shopping and select something that is not as small as an activity table, but something that is not to large. This will teach your kid to understand the importance and necessity of transition.

Having an activity table to play at has been proved to be really beneficial for many kids. So if you want give your kid the best of everything, get them an activity table!

Published by sandeep Malik