A laptop or a PC is an asset for all students. If that PC or laptop has an internet connection it can potentially become a device which is vulnerable to online security breaches. An online security breach can become the cause of loss of files on the device or even completely corrupt the hardware essentially making it completely useless. According to verifiable sources the number of online attacks to businesses and individuals has gone down in the last few years. These sources affirm that although the overall number of security breaches has gone down. The damage caused in each incident is much higher than in comparison to previous years.  

To put it simply, the number of occurrences has decreased but each occurrence incurred a larger loss. Just as technology is advancing each day bringing about the advent of new software and devices so are the miscreants of software. There are certain practices which online users can perform to ensure the safety of both their personal information and their payment information.  

1. Keep Operating System Updated: If you want to secure your house from break-ins, you need to make sure that all the lock and doors work and are secure. Keeping the operating system updated will ensure that there are no security compromises within your system.

2. Installing a Secure Browser: There are several different browsers in the market. First determine which options are important according to your usage from visual effects, performance, audio settings and then install the browser which is most convenient for your usage.

3. Updating Installed Programs: If you have installed programs which you no longer use, uninstall them. This will drastically reduce threats. Keep your browser updated in addition to the installed Adobe, Oracle and Apple products. Don’t hesitate to uninstall any program which you don’t use often.

4. Employing an Antivirus: If there is data on the PC which is extremely valuable be prudent and purchase antivirus software customized to meet demands. Always test out the software prior to the purchase to ensure satisfaction. The antivirus software should be functional regardless of whether or not the device is online.

5. Employing a Firewall: The firewall will ensure online security and it should ideally work in coordination with the antivirus. This will make sure that each connection is being utilized appropriately and securely. You will easily be able to identify any connection to your PC which is unsolicited.   

Whenever you buy coursework online UK standards of composition or any other product, it is imperative that you use your credit card carefully. Abstain from using your credit card to participate in online lotteries or jackpots. Avoid giving out personal information while chatting on dating sites or any other insecure web pages.

For people who use their credit card online often it is advisable to designate a separate credit card specifically for online shopping purposes. Use this card only when completely necessary. Always look for other options to make the payment before agreeing to pay via the card. Secure services will have more than one option to make the payment for a product or service. Maintain a minimum balance in this card to avoid being incurred with excess interest at the time of making repayments.  

Published by Yatin Arora