We all make mistakes. Mistakes are the steroids of learning and development... in a good way I mean.

However, it can be difficult-to-fuck-off-impossible to learn from mistakes if we're not availed of the time for reflection on our mistakes; quiet, still, contemplative private time to reflect, with a clear unencumbered mind, on mistakes, errors in judgement or incorrect assumptions that we've made.

Without this opportunity to reflect, consider, process and put away our mistakes, no chance for learning can be reached.

What's worse, unless we completely cut ourselves off from the rest  of humanity (not impossible, but let's face it, pretty fucking difficult), our mistakes are simply stockpiled, like rotting piles of kelp on an isolated beach, left to rot and dry and harden against the sun and the salt and the wind.

The only contribution these rotting seaweeds make to the beach that is our lives is to fill more and more previously pleasant places along the shore with foul-smelling dank death, decompose and become the fertilizer of more mistakes.

Kinda shitty how that works.


Published by Alastair Alquist