In a world, as biased as the one we all subside in, it’s no surprise that expressing our true feelings and emotions is one of the most daunting challenges – especially if you’re not one to blabber on about yourself, to begin with. But this is exactly why so many people turn to music. Artists express themselves with the music they write and sing, while the listeners listen to what they relate to the most.

Have you ever wondered why the National Anthem of any country is often sung in a tune? It is for the purpose of arising patriotic feelings and emotions. No matter where you go in life, you will never forget the National Anthem of the country. Not just that, music also helps promote several causes – either good or bad – but the goal is always to be able to express internal feelings that cannot just be said out loud as a statement.

It’s not a hidden secret that musicians genuinely pour their hearts and stress their minds out just to deliver something that helps us relate to the lyrics to make us feel like we’re not alone despite whatever difficult time one might be experiencing in their life. While you may come across several songs that revolve around the topic of teenage heartbreaks, there are thousands more that focus solely on the world, the situation of it, and what we could be doing to help it.

How Powerful Is Music?

Music is a language – a language that you don’t need to learn to understand. A language that allows you to express yourself in ways you would never be able to, even in your mother tongue. Long-term research studies have shown that music is such a powerful tool as it can awaken even the most closed off hearts by arousing euphoric feelings. But one doesn’t require scientific research to experience the release of dopamine in our brains that occurs as a result of music listening.

Music is certainly the best and the most powerful way to express oneself emotionally and spiritually, in the purest form imaginable. The melodies, rhythms and harmonies are often so powerful that it wouldn’t be surprising if it speaks straight to your soul. As a matter of fact, the power of music has long been known for the extensive benefits that it grants. Somehow, there’s always a song for any moment of your life. Lost a loved one to war? There’s a song for that. Going through a horrible breakup? There’s a song for this. Lost a parent? There’s a song for that. You get the point.

Music Has Therapeutic Properties

It’s been evident in various research studies that an average human being is bound to experience a phase or an episode of depression, anxiety or antisocial behavior at least once in lifetime. For this reason, psychologists often advise their patients to opt for music therapy due to the vast and renowned qualities of music and how it helps one pick himself up again.

In some cases, music can produce negative effects on the listener as well, just like anything else. That is why it is better to listen to music that ignites feelings of positivity rather of the latter if you’re looking to obtain a positive outlook in your waking life.

Music Has Helped Several Causes

As mentioned before, millions of people turn to music in order to find a way to express themselves openly and fearlessly without being frightened of judgment. Amongst the dozens of causes that music has helped, LGBT rights is one of them and probably the most profound as well.

For centuries, people have believed that being gay or being a transgender is a psychological disorder that needs to be treated. In the olden days, people would actually place their loved ones in mental asylums if they come out as homosexuals. However, if there’s anything good that occurred in the 21st Century, it is the fact that the LGBT community has managed to find the voice and above all, acceptance and the right to get married.

Several people that are a part of the LGBT community have expressed that they felt like outcasts when they were growing up due to their sexual parts or preferences. But today, the acceptance granted for transgender men and women to be a part of society is so heartwarming, that one can truly state that the world we live in is one that is tolerant, compliant and has room to breathe.

As a matter of fact, there are several singers and top artists that have made a name for themselves by opting to sing their hearts out and use their voices to express how they feel in their waking life. One such trans-singer is Missy Miss Behave, who is also known as Jacqueline Rollins. Missy always knew that the best way she could express herself was through music, and so, from a very young age, she took part in music and learned how to play various instruments, such as cello, piano, and guitar. Today, the 23-year-old is a CEO of a record label named “Weekend Victories” and has released a full album such as “Jagged Weather”. She is a true inspiration to all members of the LGBT community and aims to express herself fully through music.

But Missy Miss Behave is not the only LGBT singer who has proved that she is just as human as the rest of the people around her. Another popular name is Taylor Bennett, a 22-year-old singer, rapper and songwriter as well as a hip-hop recording artist. His whole agenda for becoming a musician was so that he could give back to the community in every way possible. Although Bennett did not publicly come out until he was 21 years old, he has certainly used music to express his true feelings.

Music is truly important in everyone’s life and it can heal and fight thoughts and feelings of depression, anxiety, self-destruction, and even suicide. This is just a hint of how powerful music is and how many people it has helped. So, if you want to break barriers and find yourself, music can help you!

Published by Julia Morison