I don't know if this sounds right... But I am African American, so it really just came out of instinct to make my character Black. But I really valued interracial relationships. I think it's amazing that we can love no matter what race we are. So I made Layla's mother Black and her father White. In early stages it was reverse.

Making her Heterochromia Iridium was not on purpose. Honestly, I was just testing eye colors and couldn't decide which one. But I'm glad I stuck with it. It made her unique. What I really liked is that I didn't have to express that her eyes were different colors. I didn't want to make her have powers with them either. This is an actual thing, and people treat it as normal.

I love the natural curly hair. It fits well with her character. And I wanted more Disney princess to have curls.

When I first started drawing her, I looked up to these people for inspiration

Her Story:

Disney has always influenced my writing.  I wanted to create a character that people will love and relate to! I think a lot of excitement came from watching Dinsey's Tangled. So basically I had to the true attentions of writing this like it was a Disney movie.

I first created Layla back in 2014. This was way before I considered writing a novel. But before she was the main role, sh was actually just a supporting character.  The script was called Lost and Found.

Lost and Found was originally more about Leon. Layla was there to be his childhood friend. When it comes to writing, I always choose a real actor/actress to actually play as my character. Just to make it a little more realistic. I choose CW's The Flash, Candice Patton to represent her.

Layla had a lot of insecurities and a helpless girl. She had to deal with her mother's death and accepting a stepmother and little step sister. They weren't evil by the way, but it was a lot to handle.

When I finished my 3rd version of Lost and Found, I knew that I can do better with her character. I really wanted to reach deep inside her. So I stopped Lost and Found and wrote Growing Up!

This is when I started to make Layla the main focus. In this story, Layla was more of a perfectionist and didn't smile as much. She had to deal with her parents divorcing and living in separate castles. She went through her father trying to remarry with another woman. I was really able to show the pain that Layla was going through. Showing how Leon, being her friend was able to help.

When I made I finally wrote Knights, I was able to combine all of the character traits I had intended. She's shy but she's wild. She's insecure, but she's confident.

If you want to know more about the current Layla... Read Succession and see the wonderful person she is.

*Jut want to note that, some of these imagines are coloring pages. Back then didn't have a lot of time to draw it myself. 1 of the images is done by UboDan.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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