Like me, many Americans will be traveling by air this weekend, and enduring the never-ending degradation such travel entails, in order to escape sub-zero temperatures or share Christmas with far-flung loved ones.  This column by Steve Sherman on Townhall seems especially apt.

American airports are awful, terrible and below the standards of our European counterparts.

It’s not “Breaking News” at all that America’s airports are a nightmare. If you’ve ever travelled through any one of these hubs of international travel you’d agree. The design doesn’t meet the function. It would be one thing if we could say functionality has overtaken style in our airports, but that is not the case. Our airports are both functional failures and stylistically lost in the seventh level of hell.

Don’t even get me started on the TSA and the many freedoms we’ve handed over and flushed down the drain in the name of Homeland Security. An intimate pat down or an in your face interrogation have really put a crimp in the once exciting idea of travelling through the skies.

For an American culture so against water-boarding, why do we allow our citizenry to be tortured from the moment they leave their car in long term parking until they are wheels up?

Because there is no choice, that’s why. Choice is the bedrock of freedom. They gotcha and they know it. No use complaining about bad service at the counter, or your lost bag, or the horrible layout of that airport that makes it virtually impossible to make your connecting flight. Might as well step into the airport bar and enjoy a ridiculously overpriced beer, because it’s obvious that the airlines priorities do not line up with the traveler’s desires.

Trump started talking about it on the campaign trail. He claimed America’s airports are substandard. Is he right? Do America’s airports suck? Yes, yes, they do. Guess how many American airports rank in the top 25 of the world? ZERO! (read full article)

Published by J.B.Hawker