So, this happened today.
I was scheduled to have internet installed in my house this afternoon.  I have lived here for about 5 years and have never had internet, so my giddy excitement is an understatement.

Besides myself, I have a raging 3 year old toddler and a sleepless, teething 6 month old. But guess what, that’s not all.  I ALSO had my freshly walking 1 year old nephew and my hurricane tornado 2 year old nephew over.  They were all running around having a blast.
Most ANY internet installer would have immediately either called their boss to either cancel or be over agitated by the loud chaos.

But no, not this guy.

It was super hot outside so I offered the gentlemen some ice water while I held my chunky 6 month old on my hip. The man almost forgot to answer because he was too caught up in smiling and talking to my baby.  I knew instantly that my kids were not bothering him. I felt so relieved.
While I was feeding my 1 year old nephew, I heard contagious giggles from 2 toddlers going on in my bedroom where the internet guy was working. I told them they better not be bothering him but to my surprise the man was the one making them giggle uncontrollably. My 2 year old nephew and my 3 year old son couldn’t contain themselves.  They would run out of the bedroom with their toys then run back in for more laughter.

In the middle of installing cables and entertaining the boys, we enjoyed a conversation about both being parents and life with our children… which now brought us to laughter.
After several hours of installing and running cables, the internet guy was ready to leave.
He smiled and was talking to my baby one last time then proceeded to tell my mom and all of us goodbye.
The older toddlers immediately got upset.  They did NOT want their new friend to leave.  And that’s exactly what they called him, “my friend”.

My 3 year old almost started to cry because of his new found friend’s departure.
The “internet guy” smiled and tossed him up in his arms.

Today when I first opened my front door, I did not see color. I did not see hashtags or hatred.
I saw a new friend.
I saw equality.
I saw an “internet guy” with what he described as just “a little darker skin”.

I would like to thank the gentlemen for being so kind, understanding and entertaining to my crazy, rambunctious sons and nephews.
Most of the time utility workers want to get in, get the job done and get out.
Once again, no, not this guy.
He did not rush to leave. He even waited while I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture.
Thank you “internet guy”, the boys already miss you.

#LivesMatter #FutureBabysitter #InternetGuy #TheyMissYou

Candice Knight of The Dialtown Daily

Published by Candice Knight