White people know how to create the perfect resume,
50 percent truth, 50 percent lies,
White lies throughout the extra-circular activities and previous job section,
If I asked you what was the most important part in a resume,
What would you answer?

To be honest, the interview ended before the interview started,

White male salaries calculated,
White females receive less,

Pay scale based on the color of your skin,
It’s not like Supervisor Jim is going to ask,
Would you like to be paid as a White male or female?
Now, we gotta’ start from the beginning,
I doubt the National Bureau of Economic Research would lie,
Emily and Greg are more ’employable’ than Lakisha and Jamal,

Resumes associated with African-American names shredded,
Tom applies to 10 ads, he receives one call back,
Black candidates need to apply 15 or more times in exchange for one interview,
50 percent chance Tom meets race based qualifications,
Compared to a 33 percent likely-hood employers call Lakisha back,

HR Moment of Truth…

As Betty scans your resume,
She pays close attention to whether or not she can pronounce your name,
If any clues of ethnicity are present,
Better hope she can picture someone White,
As a precaution,
Do not type Martin Luther King’s name anywhere in your resume,
Nor the words celebrate, power, or courage,
Such things as advocacy, heritage, or diversity,
Are too colorful,

Somehow, if you make it through,
Understand the interview consists of walking on thin ice,
If you are a White female at least you got a head-start,
Now all you have do is bat your eye-lashes,
Accept a lower salary,

If Tammy really wants [the] job,
Studies proved if she attached a photo to her resume,
She is 19 times more likely to get a job interview,
If she wears a low-cut top as opposed to a more conservative shirt,
If you are in the 90th percentile of attractiveness,
You will receive on average 5 interview requests,

Meeting the CEO or decision maker…

If you are African-American,
And reached this point,
First, I congratulate you on your achievement,
Secondly, several hints,
Try to speak as White as possible,
Not California Valley Girl,
More Mid Western similar to Minnesotans,

How you talk, racists listen attentively,
Any sign of ‘ghetto’ language,
Decrease the chance of a successful interview,
Hide both unless you are a privileged white male,

Lastly, if you are an African-American sister,
Not only is your name going to be used in a combative manner,
How you dress,
If it isn’t professional enough,
Or at the same time sexy (appealing),
Whoever interviewing you won’t be interested,
If he or she is a racist,
They might suggest [a favor] for a favor,

Published by Khalid Zilberg