In an idealistic world, every single person would be kind, generous, well off and happy with what they have. Sadly, it’s just that, a utopian vision, a very un-real version of our world.

Disheartening, I know.

Lets imagine we’re watching a video and this is what we see-

Two boys- same age but belonging to completely different parts of the society.
One, crying and throwing a tantrum because his mother didn’t buy him the Pokémon pictured bag, which all the boys in his class were carrying. You could hear his mother trying to very patiently make him understand that he didn’t require another schoolbag because he already had 3 of them and that too all of them were in perfectly good condition. In the end, when the boy saw he wasn’t going to get what he wanted, he left the shop teary eyed and gave his mother the cold treatment.
The other boy was just watching all of this from behind the glass window through which he was peering in. He was wearing torn clothes, sandals which were badly glued together and had a bag which was so torn that he had to hold it with his hands. However, this boy had a huge smile on his face. The reason behind this smile was that he got a very useful gift from his father which was the bag he was carrying. His joy was backed with the reason that now he atleast had something which would hold his books other than his bare hands.

The above was just a small example of what everyone faces with different materialistic things in their own lives, as we are all money-grubbing people at the end of the day. I’m sure everyone would have a memory where in they behaved like either one of the two boys.

It’s low-spirited that we don’t stop cribbing about what we don’t have and just enjoy what we have. If the whole world did that, everyone would be happy and selfishness and jealousy wouldn’t be prevalent in our society. I hope that this changes some day.

Published by Supriya S