Recently I coined the phrase “j20 Workout” in social media and it really took off.  Over and over I kept referring to my j20 workout program and people finally started asking, “what does j20 mean?”  I was waiting patiently for those questions because the answer is so simple...j20 means “just 20 minutes.” 

The j20 Workout is not a fad as I am not a big on chasing fads.  I have a large global nutrition, skin care and health company and I employ and/or am partnered with some highly respected, amazing physicians, biochemists, physiologists, biomedical researchers, psychophysicists, etc. who make sure I am on the cutting edge of everything going on in health and wellness.  As a result of their constant input, I am far more comfortable sticking with proven science and not basing my fitness life on silly fad that they would be uncomfortable with. 

When it comes to reality, the President’s Council for Physical Fitness has mandated that the average person should get a minimum of two and one-half hours of exercise a week.  That works out to be a little over 20 minutes a day.  And that is where the j20 Workout concept is born, as a daily reminder.

I believe that everyone owes themselves "JUST" 20 minutes of activity that they find enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you like to walk, dance, swim, bike, lift weights, play tennis, etc.  When you can do something active and fun for just 20 minutes a day, two things will happen. 

First, you will start to feel better physically and mentally and you will actually want to add time to your exercise sessions resulting in j30’s, j40’s and even j60’s or more.

Second, you will begin to want to eat better and attack some nutritional goals as well.

This is not speculation.  I have seen it happen time and time again.  In fact, once you begin, continued success is almost always the rule.

There is an old Oriental proverb that it is easier to defeat 1,000 one pound lizards than it is a 1,000 lb. fire breathing dragon and this wisdom illustrates why my j20 concept works.  The j20 Workout is a single, small step that you can make toward a massive change.  When you put a bunch of small steps together, you end up with a large change.  Is it really any wonder why people fail when they set out with 1,000 lb. fire breathing goals like, “tomorrow I am going to work out for 2 hours a night 5 days a week and cut my calories daily from 4,000 to 1,200?”  Of course not, the change is too big.  Massive changes are lifestyle revolutions rather than evolutions.  Evolutions tend to stick around forever, just ask Professor Darwin!

You know you can accomplish a lot of really cool things in 20 minutes.  You can read a chapter in your favorite book, have a deep conversation, enjoy a glass of wine and a good friend, help with your child’s math homework, watch your favorite TV show commercial free…and complete a j20 Workout in the blink of an eye.  Again, you OWE it to yourself.  If you neglect yourself, how do you think others will treat you?  That’s right, they will neglect you too.  If you put important time into yourself, guess what?  Others will respond by putting important time into you as well.  This is not speculation; it is proven fact.

So let’s get started with your j20 Workout today.  If you know exactly what your j20 activity will be – good for you.  Get started now, take a photo or short mini video to share on your favorite social media network, use #j20workout so we can see you and cheer you on.  If you need a little help or direction getting started, I will cover that in the next installment of my Trending Stories Fitness and Health Blog. 

Published by Sadie