The name ‘Monumental mason’ refers to people associated in the creation or repairing or installation of gravestones or other memorials. Since ages, the headstones or grave stones or tombstones are being used in remembrance of the deceased persons. It is a part of some communities of our society. After the burial of the person, these stones are arranged. The masons must look into various aspects while working. The work of the masons dealing with monumental stuff is pretty sensitive as they must work while keeping in mind the emotions of the family of the departed soul.


Types of monumental masonry:

Monumental masonry is something with which the wishes and emotions of the deceased person is established. The duty of the monumental masons includes creating an artistic piece which can prove to be up to the mark for the family members or near ones of the dead person. There can be different types of monumental.

  • Traditional type of masonry - Traditional kind of masonry includes the usual form of tombstones used to carve the birth and death date of the deceased. Apart from that, a few lines about the dead person are also engraved. This is the most common forms of grave stone and popular too.
  • Artistic kind of masonry - In this type of masonry, poetry or quote from a text or sometimes drawings are carved in love and remembrance of the deceased person.


Kinds of stones that can be chosen for monumental masonry:

The basic thing to do while planning to create a tombstone for the dead person is to choose the right kind of stone for the masonry as the kind of work we want on it, is hugely dependant on the texture and the kind of stones.


The types of stones used by the monumental masons for the purpose of creating a memorial headstone are: -

  1. Granite: This tough stone can really bear all the ravages of time. This stone is highly used for the purpose of building memorials as it doesn't require much maintenance. Intricate artistic works can be carved on these kinds of stones.
  2. Limestone: Limestone has its variety too. The type of limestone which is widely used by the monumental masons for the purpose of creating gravestones is called Italian Nabresina. This is porous kind of stone which means it requires regular cleaning. Carvings on this type of stone can also be done beautifully.
  3. Welsh Slate: It consists of a layered structure and therefore monolith headstones can be ideally created by this. Welsh Slate is a fine form of the grave stone and pretty easy to maintain but it's a bit expensive and vulnerable if compared to other forms of stones used by the monumental masons.
  4. York Stone: This kind of sandstone can be found in the churchyards. It is a kind of sandstone and hence it has a granular surface which is coarse. Bold lettering and designs can be done in it but this too requires regular maintenance.
  5. Cumbrian Green Slate: This can make excellent headstone. They are long lasting, and the monumental masons can easily carve letters or designs on it.
  6. White Marble: White marble look wonderful as tombstone though regular maintenance is mandatory for it. The fine crystalline structure of this stone makes it suitable for carving and lettering.

If you intend to hire monumental masons for the purpose of maintaining or creating a grave stone, then always go for the skillful and experienced mason. Check if the person you are hiring bears a good name and has goodwill on the business and services he or she provides. Apart from that, keep your budget in mind while hiring a professional. You should always compare the rates prevailing in the market for professional monumental masons.

Published by Jack Louis