So, here I go…my journey to recovery begins tomorrow. I am beyond excited with the hopes of getting my life back.

In order to better help you understand what exactly I am recovering from, let’s go back about 18 months.

On February 7, 2015 I gave birth to my beautiful, perfect, second little boy.  It was a relatively normal pregnancy. I was sick, put on quite a bit of weight, had rhinitis the ENTIRE time and then he arrived. With my prior I had a c-section and I was determined with Henry to deliver via b-back. I tried and struggled for almost 24 hours until I finally threw in the towel (after feeling like my prior incision was ripping open) and begged to be taken into delivery.

So, there’s that fun tidbit.

Fast forward eight weeks postpartum…this brings us to what I am in hopes of recovery from. I began to have problems speaking, putting words together and remembering anything. I thought I still had a case of “pregnancy brain”. For those of you who are unsure what that is, it is when you are pregnant and you literally can’t remember anything. It is a horrible feeling. Just a constant state of forgetfulness. I couldn’t remember what I made for breakfast. I would forget mid-sentence. I would slur trying to say something. It was beyond frustrating.

As a few more weeks went by I began having more symptoms. The left side of my arm would tingle so much it almost felt like it was burning. The pain would run through my arm up to the base of my brain. This would happen at least four times a week. I would get a feeling of what I described as “loose” brain. It almost felt like my brain was just jiggling around inside my head. Then the migraines…oh the migraines. I had to lay down in complete darkness and silence. I was helplessly googling home remedies. I dowsed my head  with essential oils, Vick’s and an ice cold rag hoping for relief.

I began losing my hair. Yes, it is normal up to one year postpartum to lose a bit of hair. This was different. My scalp itched so bad that my hair would just fall out. I had never had issues before with dry scalp so I just did what I thought was best…I bought “head and shoulders” against my better cosmetology judgement. Again, NO relief. I dowsed my head with Melaleuca – that remedy actually gave me some relief. Still, not permanent relief. My hairline was getting thin and nothing was growing back. Nervous is an understatement.

While breastfeeding I lost quite a bit of my baby weight. That is normal. However, I battled a nasty cold late March early April and never could get my supply back. I tried EVERYTHING! After I accepted the fact that I was a dry well all my weight came back with a vengeance.  Nothing I could do seemed to relieve a single pound from my body. The jeans I could wear 8 weeks after birth no longer fit around my thighs. I didn’t change anything. I was drinking water, eating healthy and NOTHING, NOTTA!

At this time I was becoming more alarmed and no longer was brushing feeling this way  off as postpartum healing. I couldn’t ride in the car without having a panic attack. I would just be holding Henry and the pain in my left arm would be so sharp there were times I wasn’t sure if I should call 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack.

I finally made a doctors appointment with an OB. She runs some blood tests, tried to tell me that  having BV 3 times a month is just unlucky and normal. (If you do not know what BV is, look it up. It is beyond annoying to deal with at all, let alone monthly.) After this visit I knew another appointment with someone else was necessary. Immediately.

I make an appointment with a local University and a Family Practitioner. At this point, I knew more than one opinion was needed. I get in to the NP first. She was amazing. She ran so many tests. Thryoid panel, cat scan, heart monitor, EKG, MRI, urine sample…she covered it! So we thought.

I get the results back. Everything is great! My heart is working, my brain is healthy, and my blood panels look great….besides one little number….my TSH from my thyroid was “off the charts” . She immediately refers me to an endocrinologist.

My visit to the endocrinologist was under five minutes. He looked over my chart, read my numbers, felt my thyroid and told me I was fine. Possibly hypoglycemic, but fine. So, I go on my way with a glucometer. I was shocked. I have had my sugar drop before…from not eating, being nervous and getting my blood drawn. Never once did it cross my mind that my glucose could be the problem.

It isn’t. At least not the whole problem.

I finally get into see the University doctor. I was very excited about this visit. This university is a research university so I just knew I was going to get answers. I arrived there and already begin to have a spell in the parking garage. I could feel my throat start to close a bit, my chest get tight, my heart felt like it was beating 200 beats per minute. I arrive in the waiting room. Mind you , this is the smallest waiting room and hallways I have ever seen. I retrieve my sign in papers and began to have an attack. I was crying and panicking…. over nothing. I felt so dumb. The nurse there was beyond helpful and caring. She immediately brought me to a room with a window and some water. I began to calm down after a few minutes. My blood pressure was through the roof.

I get into the room to see the doctor. I brought my notes with everything that I was experiencing (so I wouldn’t forget anything.) The doctor reads over them, checks my vitals, and then tells me he wants to order some blood tests. When the results come in he will let me know. Another let down. This doctor was NOT listening to me. He already had his mind made up before I began speaking.

After I looked over the blood panel he ordered I researched what they for. He did not explain to me what he was testing for. I was being tested for pheochoromocytomas. They are tumors, some benign, some malignant. These tumors mimic other symptoms. After googling, I was convinced. maybe I had my answers after all. I mean, I had the symptoms and my PhD in Google.

Thankfully that was not my answer.

It wasn’t until I lost vision in my left eye for over 20 minutes that it really sank in. Something is wrong with me and no one is listening.

I go back to my NP. Go over EVERYTHING in detail, again. Every symptom, my diet, my movements, my routines. She chalks it up to anxiety and prescribes me TWO different anti-anxiety medications. I am in NO WAY against medication but I am against treating the unknown.

After that,I was done.

I knew I had to do this on my own.

With my family’s support I began to search for answers.

I began researching thyroid symptoms, causes, cures. I cut out my beloved coffee, sugars and joined the gym with a friend.

After cutting out my coffee I have not had a single BV infection. After joining the gym, I hadn’t felt that good in over a year.

Apparently, no sugar and exercise is really good for you.

Well, my gym friend heard a radio ad about a holistic approach to hypo/hyper thyroid issues. I know, radio ad, but I am desperate.

So, I go. I meet with the chiropractor. I am impressed. So impressed that I am paying him a huge chunk of money to help me. After meeting with him, guess what I have, an autoimmune of my thyroid. Hashimoto Thyroiditis, aka…hashi’s.

My dad had an autoimmune so I was not surprised by this.

So now to present day. I joined the gym again, after a 2 month hiatus of feeling like crap and being lazy. I see my thyroid doctor on Wednesday to start in depth testing and to start a path of recovery.

I plan on blogging this whole journey. One, to help hold myself accountable. Two, to possibly help others who are lost and feeling like there are no answers. Three, to connect with others who are on the same journey or who have been.

My posts will be raw and honest. I enjoy positive comments and uplifting words of encouragement to each other.

Be kind to one another. You never know what someone is hiding behind their smile.

Thank you for joining me.

Here’s to getting my life back.





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