Let me begin by posing a question to you: When you travel, for business or pleasure, what is the routine you use?  My guess is your travel plans start somewhere from a month to three months in advance.  While you are working your job, and you notice your vacation(two-weeks or less, I'm also guessing) is coming up.  So first thing on the check list is check the ol bank account, right?  WIthout a certian amount of money in the bank, you can't go certain places, right?  Wrong. 


The lifestyle I live is not for everyone, but over these next few blogs, I plan to show you how the "Other half" lives.  The degenerates, the misfits, the Hippies.  Unlike the travelling masses, when I think of a destiantion, I go.  No planning, or even money really, needed.


Three years ago I started this adventure.  I had just left a job at a Carnival(which...honestly was a whole other adventure.  I met the love of my life there, and he's the one who showed me this life.  Perhaps that is a blog for another time.), and was lost on how I was going to get from South Dakota back to my hometown in Kansas.  And that's when the hippies came in.  Or...well one hippie to be exact.  And he said if you ever need to get from point A to point B,, stick out your thumb if there is no other choice.  And at that point, I had no other choice.  And what do you know?  We got a ride from Watertown, South Dakota all the way to my mom's front door in Emporia, Kansas.  I was impressed.   I didn't think anyone picked up hitchikers anymore. I mean, it's not the 70's, is it?


Not long later, we packed our bags again and hitchhiked to New Orleans, Lousiana.  It only took us 5 days to get there.  (Well, 5 travelling days.  We did spend some time in Oklahoma City.)  That is where I realized that the Hippies are real, still active, and learned some "tricks of the trade", so to speak.  For some, panhandling is the way to go.  Slang terms for this include "Flying a Sign", or "Spanging"("Spare Changing").  I wasn't really down for either one of these.  I have done it, I can't lie, but I don't like holding those cardboard signs, and I really don't like asking random people for food or money to help me out.  Especially when New Orleans is the city of opprotunity.  I have been an intuitive person all my life, and from time to time the word "psychic" has been used to describe me, so I decided to take a gandar at doing it professionally.  That's right, Mistress Moonstar, at your service.  I got a table, and my tarot cards and sat up right in Jackson Square, doing readings.  It was great.


But, as we know, all good things must come to an end.  It was getting close to Christmas 2012, and I was missing my family, especially my daughters, Anjellica and Marcheta(pronounced Mar-Kita).  So I made the hitchhiking trip back home, yet again.  But I didn't stay home long again.  Travelling was now in my blood.


I made it back up to South Dakota, and then went back South.  This time on a bicycle.  Ok...let me tell you.  That one sucked.  I ditched my bike halfway through South Dakota and started hitchhiking again.  Ended up in a little place called Beresford(still in South Dakota), and I stayed for a little while.  Ended up buying a truck there.  Miss Betsy.  


So now, I don't hitchhike, but I still travel.  Currently I am back in OKC(Oklahoma City), wondering where I'll be next.  I've been here over 100 days and it's starting to wear on me a little.  Thinking of heading down to Pearl, Mississippi soon.  Very soon.  I have some friends(who I'm sure are reading this right now.  Hiiii guys!) wanting me to come visit, and since that place is only a couple hours from New Orleans(which I've been dying to get back to, and as an added plus my girls are spending their summer there! BONUS!), I think that's the place to go.


Or...possibly Seattle, Washington, the complete opposite direction.  I know that in April there is a March being held there for Kurt Cobain(who I am a huge fan of), and I would like to be there.  But, either way, I'll keep you posted.  Happy Travels!

Published by Jennifer Windsor