“The technology on this planet has surpassed the DANGER LINE and now I could see the aftermaths that are going to impact the humankind.”

Everything in the universe has to go through a transformation phase. You can start noticing it from the first ever identified species of humans, which got evolved and then our species has arrived.

The journey from invertebrates to vertebrates, from oviparous to mammals, from galaxies, stars, and planets to the black holes. Wherever you see, there is an evolution going on, which is continuously working towards producing something better than the previous versions.

Nature has done its job perfectly when it developed us or other living beings. It has developed its best and now the baton of development is in our hands. Holding the baton, we humans have worked upon the growth and development even faster than Nature.

In last hundred years, the scientists and the techies have worked tremendously towards how to make the life better and comfortable. But something has gone wrong with the technology and its adaptation.

We humans are always confused when it comes to choosing between soul and mind. We are supposed to master our mind and follow our soul, but we do exactly opposite to it. We became slaves of mind and have stopped listening to our souls, because of which there is a chaos in our jobs, in relationships and everywhere, we are confused when and what to choose.

Albert Einstein once said:

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of Idiots”.

The same thing has happened while dealing with technology. The technology was supposed to help us in doing our jobs more proficiently. But it’s a widely known fact that, when you are dependent on someone or something, you forget your actual capabilities.

Help or comforts make you LIMBO which subsequently reduces your physical and mental capacities.

Ok, how many of us could memorize our phone books now and how many phone numbers we used to have in our memory banks before the technology killed our memories. Hope you got the answer.

Technology has reduced our efforts, our body movements. In earlier days, we were supposed to be around machines in order to operate it but now the problem has been solved by the invention of tiny remote devices.

You can now take pills and control your weight and show it off to the world. Body shaping needs effort, sweat, time, patience, and discipline but now the technology has evaporated every important mantra and gave it a shape of “Immediate Effect”.

“Patience”, the magical word has almost eloped from our routine lives. Patience means you have done your job and now let the system handle the outcome but you don’t have that much time either.

Impatience has swallowed our relationships too. Now, the term “I love you” has become, “I want to make love with you” which has nothing to do with love but sex, because to “Love”, one needs unconditional trust, patience with zero expectations. The technology has taken us to an era where we want the results instantly. The entire focus has been shifted to materialism, a state where you can weigh, vet, and judge things and emotions on material parameters, where you don’t need a soul to soul connection to love. All you need is, the woman should be beautiful and the person must be economically sound enough to take care of woman’s needs. This is the latest definition of Love.

The introduction of social media, telecommunications has made us dependent. Wherever you spread your vision, you will find almost everyone is busy doing something in their smart telephones. They have manufactured a virtual world where things, responses happen as per their wishes. Another masked world which we have designed, to fulfill our unfulfilled egos and desires.

We have two sides of the body, left and right. Whichever side is more active will be a bit bigger than the other side (you can check it now). The size merely depends on how much we use it.

In ancient times, some giant species existed who used to be 7 feet tall, weighing more than 150 kgs. The reported height as per the skeletons found through our Asia, South America, and other continents was about 14 feet.

Time passed, the inventions and discoveries have put the humanity in the comfort zone which shortened their body structures because now the giant efforts were not needed, and the “Effort” part has gone into machine’s domain.

Nature is an amazing supermarket, whatever you want is given by it, but the “Want”, should have a purpose behind it.

It never produces Polar Bears in deserts or Camels in the snowy area. It never develops taller race to live on mountains. Nature’s everything is well planned and disciplined.

This thought made me remember of “THE BELL CURVE”, if applied spiritually, says that everything that has a beginning has an end. The human structure has shrunk down and will witness more lows. Collecting the past evidence and mixing it with the present I can say, the reported sightings of Alien species in almost every corner of the globe could be another human race belonging to some other planet who could be a victim of technology which shrunk down their race.

The evolution and application of technology clearly indicate that, the more we get dependent on it, the more our bodies will shrink down. The brain which thinks, invent, and discover will get bigger in coming centuries. A day will come when our future generation will look like aliens, big head with the small body.

Now, things can’t be undone. We are the Idiots who let the technology surpass the Equilibrium.

The CHANGE has gained its momentum; let’s see, for how long we could hold it.

Published by Nishant Dutt