Joseph sits on his throne surrounded by gold, furs and the other trappings of ancient wealth.  When we look at the end of Joseph’s life we think it looks easy.  We would all like to be him; riding on golden chariots and daily banquets for breakfast.  He ruled the world and people bowed down to him at every parade. But we all know what it took to get him there. He was attacked, abused and accused.

Nobody goes straight to success they have to keep persevering through their troubles.  There is a sure way to get into the blessing of God and our destiny but there is no easy way.   Sometimes we’d like to be removed from the process which God is using to bring us through to our promise.  For everything you have in God, there is a price to pay.  There is no glory without a story. No baby without labour and no degree without study.  Nobody learns anything on graduation day but in the 4 years it took to get there. It was the journey. No one ever benefited much from arriving at the destination. It was not arriving at the Promised Land that prepared Israel for conquest, but their journey to the Promised Land.

God is not trying to make great difficulties for us but he is seeking to make us great.  Every believer has troubles; they might be different from yours, and they may not appear to have them, but believe me they do.  The hardest thing about being a Christian is living on the earth; being a Christian in heaven will be easy. David McCracken told me something I found to be true “God is more interested in our character then he is in our comfort.”  He is the God of all comfort but he will occasionally make it less comfortable for us in order to produce in us something which is more valuable.  Journeys are more difficult than arriving but the journeys is critical to all success.

Friend, your journey is accomplishing more in you than arriving at your destination ever could and your journey is crafted by your Father to produce the great ending He has in mind.

Published by Jim Shaw