If you're a writer with writer's block, what do you do? Do you stare at the blank page and hope that is you concentrate really really hard, the words will materialize and form a half-decent story? Do you take a break, and hope that when you return to your work, you will be safely distanced from it, and able to contiue? Or, do you seek inspiration from other writers? 

Here, I will consult a book that offers inspiration and ideas for writing, and present you with a writing prompt. Today's prompt is this:

"One of the many delights of writing fiction is naming. In real life we get to name a kid or two, a few pets, maybe one business, if that. In fiction you get to name away, endlessly. 

Name something. 

Start there."

Once your character has a name, they feel more real. I love naming characters, and I try to make them personal as well as unique. Sometimes, the name can be completely made up, in that it isn't a real name at all. You could take a word or two that describes the kind of character you want, and then mix the letters up to create a new name. 

I'm writing a story about the afterlife, so let's sat I wanted a character to represent all that is angelic, and for him to have a big heart, and be full of love. I would take the words 'angel' and 'heart' and mix up the letters to form the name of my new character: 

Legan Rehta

Just from the name, I can imagine him. He is dark skinned, and boyish. The kind of boy who you can imagine will never change in appearance. He'll always be boyish. His voice will be soft, and he'll have a distinct accent. 

Sometimes it helps to distance yourself from the actual writing, and instead to look at the details. Create and name a new character, give them a backstory and think about what kind of person they are.  You don't need to create a new name, you could just take your favourite name, or any other words you like that could function as a name. Once you've created your character, concentrate on them for a while, and then try to implement them into your story, you'll find that the writing will follow, as you try to introduce your new character to your existing ones. 

The above prompt is taken from The Pocket Muse: Ideas & Inspirations for Writing by Monica Wood 

Published by Jade Moore