I often come across people who are struggling to make sense of their lives.  Most of the time their only thoughts are how to come out of poverty or simply how to make more money, what direction to go in.  But what are they supposed to be doing?  

In other words, what is their true purpose in life, what do they love to do?  These are the questions, I find, they don’t ask themselves!  On the average, many people are conditioned from birth to just follow along and be a worker for someone else, not for themselves!  


I also find that many have not even begun to find out what their true potential is thus stunting their creative growth!  They want to make a lot of money, they want to have a better life and for some they’ll take what they can get from a 9 to 5 job.  Like A Dog On A Leash, this gives them a limited amount of freedom to enjoy life!  

Most have said they’re only on their job because of the benefits and if they could they would leave but never do and they become what blue collar workers call, ’lifers’, meaning they’ll be there at that job for life!  There are those ‘exceptions to the rule’ type people who don’t like the status quo and want to do more for themselves and their family and so they try to figure out how to start a business but are, once again, challenged with the same questions as before, how to come out of poverty or simply how to make more money and what direction to go in.

I’m no business guru but I do believe in positive thinking and  motivational action and I’ve been motivated to not only study about business online but to also meditate on it.  That being said, what I am about to share with you are just my own opinions and experiences in business based on my triumphs and failures.  My only wish is that this serves as THE JUMPOFF to your success!

Getting down to business!

This is what i’ve learned about business:

Make yourself the middle person by connecting the consumer with product/s and vice versa.  Try not use your own money use someone else’s if possible.  Work smarter not harder. Think positive at all times but not only that…stay focused!  It is so easy to be distracted these days especially  with social media in the world today. 

At all cost stay away from people who have a toxic mindset when possible if you’re unable to influence them with your positivity! Recognize and take advantage of all your opportunities, especially the internet where there are so many free things while you can, you never know when it’ll end!  

If you're not already Internet savvy then get into that Internet! Almost everything on the web is free if you look hard enough!  If you get enough sample work of a particular product from different sources eventually you’ll have the whole thing!  

Even though I said work smarter not harder you have to work hard in the Internet game of business!  Discipline yourself, working on a computer is still a lot easier than working a 12 hour shift in some factory or warehouse!  

Make yourself an author by speaking, writing and video recording on what you like, love and/or know then duplicate, automate, publish and monetize it all!  Keep up with human thought around the globe.  I’ve noticed that people who travel are often wiser.  If you can’t travel physically then let the internet open the world up to you.  Perhaps that is what the true purpose of the internet should be.

Make yourself an authority!  Create and maintain relationships and trust.  I was once told by a friend who works in the movie industry that it’s not what you know or who you know but who you have a relationship with that get’s you through doors!

By Alton E. Handfield

Published by Harkhuf Tehuti