I have only really started writing over the last 2 years and have attended 2 amazing Writers Workshops, on these workshops we were either taken to a place, shown a photo, given a sentence and various other prompts and then asked to write a short story or as much as you can in 20 minutes. We then read them out and got critique. On this occassion we were taken to a Junk Shop to browse and then write.

This is my scribblings on our visit....I hope you enjoy!


The Junk Shop.


Off we set our little group of scribes, another day, another adventure devised to get our creative juices going, some of us decided we would go in the tuk -tuk, one brave soul had a dream to fulfill and stood holding tightly to the back of the tuk- tuk like we watched the local’s doing and the remainder of our intrepid little band of writers elected to walk.

“Rather you than me in this heat” I thought.

We set of down the hill, round the corner and within minutes pulled up outside a virtual Aladdin’s Cave. Yippee!  Who knows what goodies and treasures lurk within?

The little wizened Thai man sitting somewhere in the middle like a jewel in a crown looked somewhat amused at all these farangs who were coming from all directions.

Wandering along those dusty aisles looking for that special find, so much to see, suddenly, clumsy klutz that I am, I tripped and went flying through the gap that had suddenly appeared before me. Landing on my butt, the freezing wet, cold hit me!

Looking around all I could see was snow. Snow!  Must have hit my head I thought. I know I was sweating buckets and wished I was cooler. But this ?

Standing, gingerly I looked around in amazement, all I could see was white, white and more white.

I must be dreaming.

But no, here I was, standing in the snow in my flip flops.

Noticing a beautiful bush laden with red flowers, I bent to smell them, the perfume wafting upwards invaded my senses, and it conjured up pictures of pine trees and Christmas.  Plucking one of the flowers I straightened up.

This was eerie, so silent, no sounds, just quiet. Shivering, my arms and legs blue, with goose-bumps. I wrapped my arms around me tightly for some warmth. My short skirt and flimsy top was no barrier against the cold.

“Hello?” I said my voice trembling from the cold but tinged with fear. I was getting scared.  “Hello, anyone,  is anyone there?” The only thing I could hear was my voice echoing in the stillness. I began to panic, my throat contracting, my lips were dry.  The blackness engulfed me.

 “Carol, Carol are you ok?” Someone was slapping the side of my face. I opened my eyes to see Anne looking down at me, with a worried expression on her face. I gingerly moved my legs, my arms; everything seemed to be in working order. I was back! Anne and Jason helped me to my feet and walked me slowly to the waiting tuk- tuk. I must have been dreaming. Feeling something in my hand I slowly opened it and my eyes widened.

Nestled in the palm of my hand was a beautiful red flower.


Published by Carol Taylor