shutterstock_102786296Who do you trust?

Perhaps it is a strange question to ask, but who do you trust to do what needs to be done in your life from day to day? Who do you trust to provide for you, to pay your bills, to provide for your family? If you need healing, who do you trust to heal you?

The answer to this question reveals the object of your faith.

If your answer is yourself, your husband, your wife, your parents, the next president of USA, your doctor you are actually sinning. (Rom 14:23, Prov 3:5-6)

If your trust is not 100% focused on Jesus, and what He did for you, you are in fact sinning. But if your trust is focused 100% on Jesus and what He did for you, the Bible promises you an abundant life. (John 10:10, Psalm 91)

The Lord wants to be your everything, He wants to be the one you trust for money, healing, direction, guidance for everything you need. But this is not so for most of us. Its so easy for us to trust in Jesus for salvation, but when it comes to our everyday life we trust in something else. But that is a sin, and that is the reason why most of us are not living the abundant life.

Trusting in Jesus for salvation, but not for your everyday life and living is a choice to live under law. It is a choice that frustrates the grace of God, a choice that makes Christ of no effect in your life. (Gal 2:21, 5:4)

Yes I know, it is easy to trust Jesus for salvation but when you need money or you need healing it is much easier to trust in what you can do, what the doctors can do, what society can do or what gambling can do then to trust in Jesus. But how do you know you are trusting Jesus for salvation when you cant really trust Him to meet your every day need?

Can you not see this why the Lord has allowed certain things to happen in your life? Why He has allowed you to become sick, in need of money, tested on every side because He sees your trust in Him for salvation is not as strong as it should be?

It is easy to make the statement “I trust Christ for my salvation” when you are not facing death. But what happens the day you are about to die and you have lived your entire life not trusting Jesus to meet your every need, and then suddenly your most pressing need is assurance you are going to heaven? It will be very difficult for you to die with assurance you are going to heaven because you have grown so accustomed to not trusting Jesus to meet your needs.

It is necessary right now to be brought to a place in your life where you are forced to trust Him for your every need. So the Lord has to allow sickness, lack, poverty, confusion and testing for some time. He has to allow it to show you and teach you how to trust Him. Because if you do not trust Him to meet your every need you will never be able to trust Him for salvation the day you are going to die. If you cant trust Him for salvation when you die, you are going to end up in hell.

Yes, you can live your entire life on this earth, confessing trust in Him for salvation without really trusting Him for salvation. Because it is easy to claim trust in Him for something that is not going to happen for some years. But we do not know how long we will live, some of us will die today. Some of you are going to die within the next hours, and if you can not trust Him to meet your everyday need you will never be able to trust Him for salvation when you are facing death.

So the Lord is not cruel when He has allowed sickness, poverty, confusion and testing into your life. He is actually a loving parent, trying to show you there is a problem in your life, a lack of trust in Him.

Does the Lord want you to be sick? Does He want confusion, testing and trials? No He wants you healed, well, wealthy and confident in HIm. (Psalm 91, Deut 28:1-13, Psalm 23)

But that can only come when you have learned trust, when you come to the place where you say “I trust in Jesus Christ crucified for my every need, I trust He will take care of me and my bills will be payed, I trust He will heal me and guide me because He died for me

When you come to that place in your life where you can testify “I trust Him for my every need and only Him, because He died for me“. That is when Jesus will remove all sickness, all lack, all poverty, all confusion and testing from your life once and for all. (Psalm 91, Deut 28:1-13)

So you get to decide how long you are going to stay in the desert and when you will enter the promised land. The key to the door to the promised land is trust, trust in Him who died for you.

Published by Apostle Ernie