Yesterday I was at work when an e.mail arrived in my inbox. It was from the moving company we had hired to move for us when we left our old house and moved into this apartment we are now living in, and it was not a pleasant e.mail.

The original plan was to have had the house sold by now. The moving company had agreed to us paying after the sale of the house, but since then, our real estate agent has uncovered several construction errors on the house. In addition to this he has to contact each and every collection agency to have them agreeing to us selling the house by our own free will. So the sale of the house has taken a lot longer then it was supposed to, and we are not able to pay the movers until the house is sold.

If you dont have the money you dont have the money, and that has been our life story for the last 5 years almost. So when e.mails like that appears in your inbox you have two choices. You can write them back and tell them you want to pay, but you cant. Or you can choose to do nothing because whats the use anyway, they will never say "ok we understand you dont have the money right now". No they are demanding their money right now, so you choose to do nothing.

What are you to do in situations like this? Perhaps your situation is different, perhaps its not financial issues. Perhaps its cancer, relationship trouble. But even though your situation might be different it carries with it similarities. Because what this all comes down to is hope, and disappointments. Its easy to loose hope when you have been in a battle for survival for so long and you experience one set back after the other.

But the Bible tells us there is hope in every situation, so we are not to give up.

If you read through the bible you will soon see it has no superstars. There are no rich, successful people who are living their best life now. Instead there are people todays society would label as failures and rejects. We have Moses who killed a man and left the glory and wealth he was about to inherit. He left the good life now to go after the Lord. We have David, who knew God had appointed him to be king of Israel but spent most of his time running from the insane and demon possessed Saul. David stole the wife of another man, killed her husband. Both David and Moses knew how it was to loose hope. They knew how it felt to be hit with one setback after another. But when they laid down their own efforts and turned to the Lord they saw true victory in their life. 

Moses went from being a reject in the desert to be the leader of an entire nation, more wealthy then he would have ever been as the next Pharao. David went on to be a wealthy king of Israel and God blessed the rest of his life. But lets not forget about Job in the old testament. 

Job had good reason to loose hope. One setback after another, one failure after another. But when Job decided he would not loose faith in the Lord the Lord in the end blessed him with more then the things he had lost. 

What do we learn from all of this? 

Not to give up hope, we might have had one setback after another. The war has gone on for so long we have forgotten how it is to be painfree, or in our case, debtfree. But that does not mean God has given us up, that does not mean we are rejected by Him. No, not at all. That just means He is waiting on us to turn to Him so He can begin to work in our lives and restore them. 

So dont loose hope, do not loose hope, for the war is coming to an end says the Lord. The war is finally over when you realise I have already won the war, and if you will turn to Me - you will get to walk in the victory I have for you says the Lord. 

This is our reason not to loose hope, Jesus has already won this was. But as long as we keep on trying to fight it ourself,  He will be unable to help us in any way because He can never assist, help or bless sin. And if we try to do it ourself, we are in fact sinning. 

So let us all keep our minds focused on this one thing today, I am crucified with Jesus Christ. I am dead with Jesus Christ, I am dead to this world and to the effects and consequences of my sin. I am dead to poverty, debt, sickness, cancer, defeat, despair and lack. But I have also been raised up with Jesus Christ to live His life. Debt, poverty, lack, sickness, cancer, despair, loneliness, distress and death has no power over Him and since I am now in Him and He is in me, I am free from all of these things. 

This is what it means to trust in jesus dying for you, understanding that you have become one with Jesus in everything. And this is the reason for our hope, being one with Him who won the war on our behalf. 

So I might not have the money to pay the movers, but Jesus has the money to pay not only the movers but all of our debt. I have no solution and control over the sale of our house, but Jesus has all power in heaven and on earth so He knows how to sell it quickly. 

So if I am one with the King of the universe, the Lord of all of creation, why should I then worry? 

Published by Apostle Ernie