Dark Romance


The power of pleasure...

Gabriel Miller took everything from me. My family. My innocence. My home. The only thing I have left is the determination to get back what's mine.

He thinks he's beaten me. He thinks he's won. What he doesn't realize is that every pawn has the chance to become a queen.

And the game has only just begun. 


The Knight by Skye Warren is a seductive romance that gives the reader a peek into the dark mysteries and betrayals of the rich and privileged. I enjoyed The Pawn, but The Knight was so much more exciting and revealing in my opinion. I devoured every new little revelation about Gabriel's past and the mystery surrounding Avery's family. The many twists and turns of this story kept me guessing at what was going to happen next and loving every minute of this book. 







"Kindness isn't only for the recipient. Sometimes it's for the giver."

"Maybe he's just a wild animal, acting on instinct and aggression. Other times I think he hurts too deeply to ever let himself be vulnerable."

"It matters that you broke down my defenses when no one else could. When I swore that I'd never let anyone close to me. Especially you."

"Don't protect me, shield me. As if I can't handle it. As if I can't fight too. Lead me into battle, and I'll follow you."



Published by Bewitched Reader