Nainital is a gorgeous hill station in Uttarakhand. It entices thousands of tourists and visitors around the year. The city is packed with spectacular spots and amazing destinations. Though now the city has become quite populated but that doesn’t mean that it has lost its charm and charisma. No matter how advanced the city has got now, it is preserving its beauty and glee.

In case you haven’t visited this beautifully snuggled city Nainital then you must give it a try. Just reserve your rooms in resort in Nainital and enjoy a cherished, memorable and happening trip with your friends and relatives. For now, let us quickly have a look at the lakes of this city.

Naini Lake: The charmer

One of the most visited and famous tourist fascination in Nainital is Naina Lake. It won’t be wrong to say that the lake is the heart of this hill station. This Naini Lake replicates the shades of gorgeous surroundings. The lake is constructed in the shape of a pear and it attracts a huge number of tourists. Tourists who visit here not just take pleasure but relish boating, paddling or yachting in this lake. An individual can explore this lake from one end to other witnessing tranquil and dynamicviews of the splendid sunset. Another exciting thing about this lake is that it is surrounded by seven verdant hills and snatches the heart of many!

Bhimtal Lake: A spot to relax

Amongst the different lakes, Bhimtal is one of the very serene spots to visit near Nainital. The lake was named after the well renowned Bhima of Maharashtra. The lake is gorgeously centred amidst lush green mountains and a tiny island in its middle. Bhimtal caters grand views of nature. In case you are a shutterbug, you have to carry your camera along. Don’t forget to capture these splendid views in your camera. Actually, this lake has beauty for everyone, you can steal some calmness amidst this richly natural area, grab some splendour from its stunningly beautiful surroundings and most importantly the ambience here is very comforting and refreshing.

Another reason behind its popularity is the masonry dam which was constructed in the year 1883. It permitted a good storage facility. It possesses a catchment area of about 17. 12 square km which is quite huge?

You know this BhimtalLake is the biggest lake in the area of Kumaon which is famously known as the lake district of India owed to the thickness of lakes present there. The lake assists in catering drinking water as well as ensures that the diverse species of fishes are habitable here.

The bottom line is that you have to check out this city of splendid spots. These were just two beautiful lakes of Nainital, in case you want to enjoy the entire ride, just check out good hotels in Nainital and do your reservation. After all, these engaging destinations are going to keep you engaged and enticed both! So, when are you packing your bags for this thrilling tour? 

Published by sandeep Malik