Book 3 in The Land Of Stories series.

Taking place in two dimensions; Conner is living his life in the Otherworld with his mother and step father, thinking that his fairytale adventures are behind him. While his twin sister Alex is living in the fairytale world training to be the next fairy godmother. While on a school trip Conner discovers a mysterious clue left by the Brother's Grimm and sets off on a mission across Europe with his classmate Bree to decode a 200-year-old clue. In the fairytale world, Alex is having trouble granting wishes and wonders if she will ever be ready to become the fairy godmother and lead the fairy council. When the twins worlds collide they realise they must once again work together and recruit their friends and enemies to save the fairytale world once again.

I will admit that this is my least favourite book in The Land Of Stories series. Having the twins apart throughout the book just didn't work for me. I loved seeing Conner in the Otherworld and I loved the introduction of the new characters throughout his adventures, but I just couldn't connect with Alex in the fairytale world without Conner there.

The plot of this book was great, having the added element of the Brother's Grimm and the mystery surrounding their introduction was a fantastic idea.

Chris Colfer's growth as a writer was on show once again. His ability to recreate these much-loved fairytale characters and worlds while keeping the realism of emotion and angst is amazing. I look forward to seeing where he takes us in his next installment.

I am really excited to see what role the new characters will play in the future of this series. I just hope Alex and Conner stay together in the future, as I feel much more connect to them as a team.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker