The final book in The Land Of Stories series.

When a bridge opens, connecting the fairytale world and the otherworld, twins Alex and Conner must find a way to restore order to both worlds. With both fairytale characters and literary characters causing havoc in New York, the heroes must defeat the villans once and for all.

A fantastic conclusion to a fantastic series.

Chris Colfer has created an unforgettable series. His characters are strong, funny and completely diverse. There is someone for everyone in The Land Of Stories. Chris' ability to take characters we know and love and give them not only a new dimension but a new life is truly a gift.

The Land Of Stories was perfectly weaved together from start to finish. I am sad to be coming to the end of this series, but I couldn't be more thrilled with the way it ended.

Worlds Collide continued on from its predecessors without missing a beat. Having human, fairytale and literary characters converge on New York, made for a brilliantly exciting, fast paced and heart stopping read.

Getting to catch up with Alex and Conner and all of the characters we have grown to love, was like returning home from a long trip.

Worlds Collide is Chris' best yet. The writing was superb. My connection with these characters is so strong it wasnt hard to feel what they were feeling. Chris's writing had these characters emotions completely radiating off the pages.

Filled with the perfect mix of action, humor and heartwarming moments, The Land Of Stories: Worlds Collide leaves no stone unturned in its desire to give readers a satisfying ending.

The Land Of Stories series by Chris Colfer will be a staple on my bookshelf for a long long time.

The Land Of Stories: Worlds Collide is a perfect conclusion to a perfect series.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker