Really, can this happen with anyone? It all seems so well planned. Can the fortune really be so strong that all the hard work and the dedication can go in a whole diverted manner? Yes, it can.

The last incident across me was the clear indication and a showcase of the comparison between will and fate. The incident just surpassed all the oblique views about what people judge before saying anything about our will, hard-work and our fate and luck. Some said that it was just the reaction of some action. Some said that it was just the outcome of your wrong doing. Some minded their own business while others just procrastinated about the event.

What I did? What should I have done?

In my views, any event doesn’t happen just at random, rather I say it all goes according to a well defined set of protocols and however we try to overcome that situation, what is going to happen will always happen by its own. However, anyone tries to run, flee, or hide. Is it possible to hide, flee and run from your own soul? It is always with you and when it all comes over to you, what else could you do to fight from your own.

He tried to escape from the surrounding. Is he strong enough to catch even his breath while running? “

Let me highlight something here. It is possible to walk in the dark, you won’t be able to see the floor on which you are walking but if you know the path well enough, you will walk and cross. Others who don’t they won’t.


The morale doesn’t lie in the fact that nothing can be done. It is always said that the hard-work can overkill any evil thought coming in your mind right now. Rather if you do nothing and just watch all the time that it is going to happen, it will not happen for sure. It never said that the event was good or bad. Maybe it was good and just because you stayed mum, nothing really happened that could have happened if you had tried to stay active.

The Hard-work also fails. Keep it in mind!

To those who confirmed that I’ve done such a work that could never go wrong, or, who confirms that my preparation is that much accurate that no one can question to it. Is it really possible?

It is impossible in my eyes. Nothing is really perfect, even ideal cases can’t be assumed here. It is practical real world.


You’ve planned something. He has planned something too. Who is the best planner? You are just a human”.

-Rohit Kumar

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